First day of APEC SME meeting pushing BCG Model to increase opportunities and challenges of SMEs

Today (5 September 2022) at Sai Laguna Phuket Hotel Mr. Weerapong Malai, Director of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) Revealed that the APEC MSME 2022 meeting, which OSMEP hosted the meeting in the framework of small and medium enterprises, started today for the first day. Start with organizing a workshop on … Read more

SME D Bank lends support to “Betong ten billion”, 5.5% interest, early payment for 2 years

Ms. Nartnaree also revealed that in the past, SME D Bank continued its mission of banking for development. Support community tourism, for example, join hands with business operators “500 Rai Rafts” to develop tourism in the Cheow Lan Dam area. Surat Thani Province by supporting funds and knowledge for raft operators to stay in Cheow … Read more

Listed bonds, an alternative for financing SMEs | SME

Listed bonds have become a financing alternative for thousands of small and medium-sized companies. These are bonds issued by Aachen in the Alternative Fixed Income Market that allow financing SMEs with loans guaranteed by mutual guarantee companies (SGR). Through this tool, both SMEs and the self-employed will be able to diversify their financial sources. This … Read more

The SME and its lack of investment in emotional well-being (despite the pandemic) | SME

77% of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) do not have a budget for the emotional well-being of their employees. This information appears in a study prepared by Kenjo, a Human Resources software for SMEs, in collaboration with ifeel and Appinio. According to this report, 60% of workers feel more stressed since the start of the … Read more