Exclusive: Journalists from Noticias Caracol reveal their surprising relationship history

2023-09-18 16:18:07 Noticias Caracol is one of the most important media outlets on Colombian television, because in addition to its extensive experience, it is responsible for keeping viewers informed about the various events that happen in the country. In addition, it has a team of journalists who are not only present on the set but … Read more

Juan Camilo Vargas: The Rising Star of Noticias Caracol

2023-09-07 18:35:36 This is Juan Camilo Vargas, a young reporter who decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, the journalist and director of Noticias Caracol, Juan Roberto Vargas. His first appearance on the stellar newscast of Caracol Televisión received an excellent reception, not only because of his unparalleled talent, but also because of … Read more

New Presenter of Noticias Caracol: A Rising Star’s Journey and Accomplishments

2023-09-03 19:14:34 During the noon edition last Saturday, a journalist from Noticias Caracol appeared as the new presenter. Yet another achievement in his professional career after he was chosen earlier this year to be in charge of ‘Noticias Caracol Ahora’, a media format that seeks to bring information to more Colombians any day and for … Read more

Sofía Vergara: Colombia’s Beloved Actress Shines on Noticias Caracol’s 25th Anniversary

2023-07-11 15:24:01 Sofía Vergara is a famous actress, model and presenter from Barranquilla in various national and international productions, including ‘Modern Family’, ‘Persiana Americana’, ‘Ecomoda: The Return of Ugly Betty’ and even ‘Noticias Caracol’. And it is precisely that his name sounded stronger in Colombia again because the newscast is celebrating 25 years. Although the … Read more

Juan Diego Alvira revealed what motivated him to leave Semana, a medium directed by Vicky Dávila

Juan Diego Alvira is one of the best-known journalists in Colombia, his career on television, with the particular way he has of reporting, in which always gives him a particular style of telling the news, They have made the ibaguereño one of the most followed media people both in traditional media and on social networks. … Read more