The market value of digital currencies has lost 460 billion dollars since the beginning of 2022

The market value of cryptocurrencies lost about 460 billion dollars since the beginning of the transactions of the current year 2022 until Sunday, March 13th, with the return of concerns about the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the Fed’s movements regarding interest, which may rise in the coming days, which harms assets. High-risk after … Read more

Egypt – Will the market value of Apple continue to rise after the arrival of…

(MENAFN– Youm7) Patrick Armstrong, chief information officer at investment management company Plurimi Group, expects Apple’s market value to continue to rise beyond $3 trillion, and Apple’s share price to continue growing faster than the overall economy, according to CNBC. Apple shares had risen during the trading of January 3, as the company’s share price reached … Read more