one year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

All analogies are ahistorical. History does not repeat itself, nor are historical figures reproduced with tracing paper. Another thing is comparisons and parallels, procedures to which it is lawful to resort from a historiographical point of view. Of course, Putin is not Hitler, although we can compare them and find similarities and differences, just as … Read more

Russia begins tactical exercises in Belarus and admits “risk” of Ukrainian attacks in Crimea

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed this Thursday, December 8, that its troops are participating in tactical exercises in Belarus, a country that shares a border with northern Ukraine, while the Kremlin points out an alleged “risk” of Ukrainian attacks in the annexed Crimea. Russia aims to strengthen its military strategy after the withdrawal of its … Read more

Volodymyr Zelensky asks OAS countries to support sanctions against Russia

The President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenskiasked on Wednesday the countries of the Americas support sanctions against Russiaspeaking during the 52nd OAS General Assembly in Lima. “We are doing everything, everything, to end the long list of Ukrainian victims that Russia is creating. This is why I am writing to you. We need your support,” he … Read more

Russia hit Odessa commercial port with missiles, despite grain deal reached a day earlier

The attacks this Saturday against the commercial port of Odessa, key for the export of Ukrainian cerealsraised the protests in kyiv and the condemnation of the international community, including the UN, guarantor of the agreement reached just 24 hours earlier in Istanbul. After denouncing several missile attacks, kyiv accused Moscow of having “spit” in the … Read more

Zelensky fires two top officials on suspicion of supporting Russia

The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, dismissed this Sunday the general prosecutor and the head of the country’s security agency for the wave of suspected cases of treason of officials in the service of Russia. “Today I made the decision to relieve the prosecutor general and the head of Ukraine’s security agency (SBU) of their … Read more

Russia escalates war with Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine has begun to play out on other levels beyond the military confrontation. With the intention of Sweden and Finland to enter the North Atlantic Treaty, NATO, the Russian government threatened a more forceful military response if that agreement is strengthened with the entry of these two new countries. This … Read more