The Benefits and Risks of Saccharin Sugar: Insights from Clinical Nutrition Specialist Amal Kenana

2023-11-26 21:03:24

Al-Marsad newspaper: Clinical nutrition specialist Amal Kenana revealed the benefits and harms of “saccharin sugar” as an alternative to sugar.

Non-food chemical

She said during an interview with the “Sayidaty” program broadcast on the Rotana Khalijiya channel: “Saccharin is a non-food chemical that has been manufactured since 1870, and the sweetness present in it was equivalent to 500 times the sweetness of natural sugar, so using a small percentage of saccharin was sufficient, and at the same time It does not contain high calories, and therefore a diabetic patient can take it safely without affecting him or causing an increase in blood sugar.”

Use saccharin sugar

She added: “Life began to develop, and saccharin was used as if it were a natural thing, and was used by ordinary people who did not suffer from diabetes or anything else.”


She pointed out the need to be aware that saccharin is a manufactured substance and not a natural substance, so caution must be taken when using it, pointing out that this substance is still under study and research and is classified as potentially leading to cancer if consumed in very large quantities.


She explained that diabetics are taught not to eat sugar, and to drink drinks without artificial sugar, but if the person is forced to eat artificial sugar, it should be less than 1 gram per day.

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