The departure of Muhammad Al-Amin, one of the most prominent Sudanese musical icons

2023-11-13 14:56:26

Sudanese musician Mohamed Al-Amin died this morning, Monday, November 13, in the state of Virginia in the United States of America. The late artist is considered one of the most prominent singers known to the artistic scene in Sudan over the past decades.

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Sudanese social media sites were flooded with news of the death of artist Mohamed Al-Amin in the American state of Virginia, at the age of 80. The artist is known in the Sudanese music community as he is one of the icons of this art, and one of the creators who contributed to the development of Sudanese music.

Al-Amin presented a large number of tunes of different colors, emotional ones such as Love, Circumstances and Al-Jarida, traditional ones such as Ayal Ab Juwaili, and patriotic ones such as the October epic.

Muhammad Al-Amin grew up in the city of Wad Damani in the Gezira state, and learned to play the flute and oud at the age of 12.

Muhammad Al-Amin’s first appearance was at the end of the sixties of the last century with the song “Me and My Love”, which for many years maintained the top spot on the list of favorite songs in Sudan.

In 1960, Mohamed Al-Amin joined the Blue Nile Police Music, led by musician Mohamed Adam Al-Mansouri, where he emerged as a distinguished vocal talent.

He later participated in the “Shakals and Colors” radio program, which was presented by Ahmed Al-Zubair, and presented the song “Deprivation and Hope” by the poet Muhammad Ali Jabbara, which was the gateway to his launch into the world of singing.

Al-Amin was a guest at many singing festivals inside and outside Sudan, and gave concerts in Arab and European countries and the United States of America, the most important of which were the First Cultural Festival in Algeria, the International Youth Festival in Moscow, and the Musical Arts Festival in the Netherlands.

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The artist received an honorary doctorate from Al-Nilein University in 2010, and the Presidency of the Sudan awarded him the Medal of Merit on the anniversary of independence in 2014.

The deceased was honored as one of the most prominent symbols of Sudanese music at the 30th session of the Arab Music Festival and Conference. He also received several medals, including the “Human Rights Champions” Medal from the European Union, and the Medal of Arts and Literature from the Presidency of the Republic of Sudan.

During a television interview, Muhammad Al-Amin revealed details about his experience with national singing, and his arrest in Kober Prison during the government of former Sudanese President Jaafar Al-Nimeiry. He also talked about the three revolutions he witnessed: the October 1964 Revolution, the April 1985 Revolution, and the December Revolution.

The artist’s family announced his departure from our world this morning, Monday, November 13, at the age of 80, in a hospital in Virginia.

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