The director of reclamation of 0.8 hectares can criticize Tian Beichen: too loose

[Ming Pao News]The government proposes to amend the “Protection of the Harbor Ordinance”. Grass football field area) for harbor improvement works can be exempted by Secretary-General without proof of “overriding public need”. Councilor Tian Beichen questioned that the 0.8-hectare harbor improvement project only needs to be “signed by the director” is too lenient, and requested that the same location can only be filled once, otherwise “the 0.8-hectare sea will be sun-drenched sooner or later.” . Development Secretary Ning Hanhao responded that the list of exempted harbor improvement projects not exceeding 0.8 hectares must be approved by the Legislative Council, and will also be consulted with the Harbourfront Affairs Committee in the future, describing it as “developed with everyone’s participation”.

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