Content inflation: how to reach your audience

L’inflation it is an inevitable phenomenon in modern times, with which we have to deal with in everyday life. If it is generally associated with the economic-financial sphere (the increase in the prices of goods and services and the consequent decrease in the purchasing power of the currency), it can also be applied to content marketing and social networks. The so-called “Content Inflation” refers, in fact, to the enormous amount of content available online, which has now become “inflated”.

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The many copies of videos and texts published every day on platforms and blogs around the world diminish their quality: however, the costs related to production increase and the earnings are much lower than in the past.

Inflation is also partly generated by the dramatic growth in the number of social media users since the outbreak of the pandemic: an increase of around 1 billion people since 2020, as revealed by the Report Digital 2023.

Content Inflation: come arginarla

There is an escape route to escape the downside of this mass production of content? Does it still make sense to focus your marketing strategies on the power of content? Well yes, “Content is King” as stated by Bill Gates at the birth of content marketing, and in this lies the solution to the phenomenon of recent content inflation. In fact, to overcome the inflationary trend of content it is necessary to implement the creativity and the constant innovation.

In particular, as regards marketers and companies, investments in this direction continue to generate excellent results: according to the data provided by the report The State of Content Marketing 2023 Global Report97% of marketers and companies surveyed said that content marketing had a positive impact on their business (a 6% increase compared to the 2022 report): for this reason, 66% have already defined a content strategy marketing for 2023, while 69% plan to increase the budget.

While best exploring the current topic of content inflation, Ninja Marketing has turned to Pinterest to support those who want to emerge from the “noise” of the crowd that characterizes social media. The visual platform offers one guide with some useful tips to create more content engaging and effective so as to “pierce the screen” and differentiate themselves from the competition by curbing the problems of Content Inflation.

#1 Authenticity and consistency at its own business purpose is the key to success: to gain credibility with your target audience, it is important in any field to focus on your area of expertise.

This is especially valid for digital communication, the objective of which is to avoid resorting to generic and discounted materials.

The starting point for brands and Creators who want to implement effective digital campaigns is to clearly define their identity and the messages they want to convey: authenticity conveys emotions and – only thanks to the emotional component – is it possible to conquer people’s imagination.

Among the causes of a “social” failure, there is certainly a lack of credibility and alignment with one’s own purpose. Therefore a mantra to keep in mind for 2023 is “quality over quantity”.

#2 Inspire starting from positivity: spreading positivity and inclusiveness on the web has become a priority.

According to research conducted by Pinterest with Morning Consult, more than half of the respondents (53%) believe that online platforms and social media have a responsibility to design and create positive and inclusive online spaces.

However, half of the sample agree that negative online experiences are becoming more frequent. Therefore, choosing platforms that fight at the forefront of positivity and inclusivity is essential for online audiences, especially for digital-native generations like Gen Z. Thanks to industry-leading policies such as the climate disinformation policy, features such as research by hair type, skin tone ranges and empathic research and tools like the Creators code, Pinterest has declined its own mission to create a more positive, inclusive and safe space for everyone on the Internet.

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#3 Adapt your content to different formats: precisely because each format has specific characteristics, it would be a mistake to think that the same communication strategy can be declined with a single content format and have the same positive result.

If your goal is to become a trendsetter, you need to know the peculiarities of different content formats to maximize the results of your campaigns and content.

It is now evident that consumers have chosen the video format as a favorite, given its effectiveness when it comes time to take action and achieve the life of their dreams.

For example, the number of video Pins on Pinterest has increased 3x in the last year.

#4 Create content that leads to action: it is important that the content is as aesthetically pleasing as possible (the more appealing and easy to navigate the content at first glance, the more likely people are to stop scrolling through posts and pay more attention to specific content).

However, another relevant aspect that should not be overlooked is that content must be usable, inspiring people who want to take action, whether it’s experimenting with a new recipe, trying out a new look or planning their next travels.

And this is precisely what motivates Creators and brands on Pinterest: following all, the platform is the only one in the world where over 450 million users find original and creative ideas to put into practice in everyday life, and not just to passively scroll through posts.

content inflation planning

#5 Planning is a priority: regardless of the quality of your marketing media campaign, without a content planning strategic and well organized, it is difficult to achieve good results.

Only in this way can brands and Creators be able to pursue their goals without losing sight of the direction and results obtained by their channel: they must be in the right place at the right time… and above all with content more in line with their target audience and own marketing goals.

Also, anticipating trends in your target audience when planning what content to post can help solidify your plan. In this regard, Pinterest Predicts is a great tool for exploring the year’s trends before they even become trends, identifying themes that align with each demographic.

Pinterest is, in fact, the platform to which people turn to find new ideas and take action: thanks to the in-depth analysis of Pinner searches, every year the platform prepares a complete and exhaustive report on the most interesting trends, from fashion and beauty to furniture and travel to food, hobbies and interests (in the last 3 years, 80% of the forecasts proved to be correct).

#6 Step by step: since the “dawn” of social media, virality has been an absolute imperative, almost a sort of cultural obsession.

However, what matters most in the long run is giving yourself the time to build a strong social presence and grow steadily: essentially, play the long game to always stay on the crest of the wave!

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