Australian retailer lists PlayStation 5 Slim on its website – Gamereactor

Rumors of a modified PS5 have been swirling on forums and websites around the world for over a year (we spotted a few of them here), but now we have the first solid and tangible clues that Sony’s new hardware model is coming. roll out.

australian website The Good Guys Created a notch for the PS5 Slim, presumably a lighter model at a better price than the current one. Although it should be noted here that the website doesn’t show any images or mention the price. We leave to you the description transcribed from the product sheet itself:

“An all-new look, slimmer PlayStation 5 – incredibly vibrant, vibrant colours, stunning HDR visuals and immersion – whether you’re gaming or streaming movies and TV shows.

A new PS5 model is certainly an announcement worthy of Sony’s massive display, so we can only assume that such an announcement will come soon, and possibly at the PlayStation Showcase, no date yet.

Do you think a new PlayStation 5 model is necessary?

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