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Today, when the brand new Metropolis Corridor of Patras opened its doorways to its outdated customers, but additionally to the residents of town, many individuals have come into contact with the exhibitions that adorn its premises, the place the historical past of the constructing is recorded, in relation to with the historical past of Patras.

The tribute to the creators of the City Corridor, which is situated in one in all its entrances, on the bottom flooring, acquired a particular impression and optimistic feedback.

This isn’t an abnormal plaque, with the well-known “by the Mayor…”. Nor for a reference to the political figures and to those that held positions of duty through the interval when the Arsakeion started, when the work was completed and when it was accomplished.
As an alternative, the inscription states the next:

A creation of the employees of the hand and the spirit

Honor to the Unknown Employee of hand and spirit, the creator of all human items. This “unknown”, is well-known, are all the employees who initially labored to construct the constructing within the Thirties and since 2016 to reconstruct it to accommodate our metropolis’s City Corridor. They deserve particular honor, for this jewel and tons of of others. The workers of our Municipality, our metropolis and past, display in apply how the metal of life is cast.

They verify what Kostis Palamas wrote: “…We’re the employees who with our sweat leaven the bread of the world stronger and our fingers than swords and with all of the chains, they dig and the earth turns into wealthy…” .

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