The first comment from Biden on the announcement of the signing of a historic deal between Saudi Arabia and the American company Boeing to purchase 121 aircraft

Al-Marsad newspaper: US President Joe Biden praised the two “historic” deals that Boeing concluded with Saudi Arabia to manufacture up to 121 aircraft, and said that it would support jobs in the United States, while Riyadh considered them evidence of the strength of relations with Washington.

The White House said in a statement that Biden pledged during his run for president to make the United States a global leader in manufacturing again.

He added: “Last month, Boeing concluded its second largest commercial deal in history, to support the expansion of Air India’s commercial fleet, by more than 200 aircraft, and today, Boeing completed two deals with Saudi Arabia to manufacture up to 121 Boeing 787 aircraft.” Dreamliner, equipped with the latest General Electric engines.

Biden considered the two new deals, valued at about $ 37 billion, “historic” with Saudi Arabia.

He indicated that they would support the US market with more than a million jobs.

According to the White House, the latest deals with Saudi Arabia alone support more than 140,000 American jobs, many of which do not require a college degree.

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