The Horror of the Film Serving Satan 2: The Citizens Have Seizures Until Their Eyes Stare At This Floor

Report from reporter, Satrio Sarwo Trengginas

TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, BEKASI BARAT – Apartment house or flat where the film is made Satan’s Servant 2 Communion makes many people curious.

Ever since the film hit theaters, flat which was abandoned for a long time was crowded with people.

Local residents had time to tell the story of the haunted flats. Like what?

In a coconut shed with a tin roof and a bamboo stick wall, a man in a white cap is sitting relaxed on Monday (8/8/2022).

Beads seemed to run down his face. The back of his shirt also looked wet.

The air at that time really felt a bit cloudy.

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Behind him, there are many piles of coconut shells that he will sell.

While outside the warehouse, there are scattered copra or coconut flesh on tarps which are being dried in the sun to be used as coconut oil.

Coconut trader, Tono, who has lived around the flat for 20 years on Jalan Kali Malang Raya No. 2 RT 005 RW 003, Bintara Jaya, Bekasi, West Java on Monday (8/8/2022). (TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM/Satrio Sarwo Trengginas)

The man in the hat does not work alone. He has three subordinates who help him cultivate coconuts.

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