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The Moscow Ambassador receives the Morocco-Russia Friendship Association

by archyde
A few weeks after taking office, the new ambassador of the Russian Federation to Morocco, Vladimir Baybakov, seems determined to breathe new life into Russian-Moroccan relations. The representative of Moscow is betting on civil society. On Wednesday, he granted a reception to a delegation of representatives of the Executive Office of the Morocco-Russia Friendship Association, led by President Abdellatif El Bahraoui and the Honorary President and Chairman of the Morocco-Russia Business Council and the ‘ASMEX, Hassan Sentissi.

During this meeting, discussions focused on relations between Morocco and Russia, which draw their depth from history. It was also an opportunity for the new ambassador to get to know the Association and its history up close, as well as the efforts it makes to promote bilateral relations between Moscow and Rabat.

“We presented to the ambassador the list of members of the Association, while examining the prospects for joint collaboration around all aspects relating to Moroccan-Russian relations”, explained the president of the Association, Abdellatif El Bahraoui, in a statement to “L’Opinion”, before adding that his association is intended to play the role of parallel diplomacy.

“We discussed several topics, namely academic cooperation, economic cooperation and the possibility of intensifying contacts between businessmen. Our objective is to bring together the civil societies of the two countries in all their components”, added our interlocutor, recalling that the Association is often requested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take part in the events held on the sidelines of the reciprocal visits which are carried out by Russian and Moroccan officials.

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