The story of a British restaurant owner who surprised his customers with an unexpected “secret” about the pizza he has been serving them for 30 years.

Al-Marsad newspaper: Amr El-Gamil, the content creator, through the “Tik Tok” application, shared the story of the wretched British restaurant owner, who deceived his customers during his 30 years of work in the pizza field.

Al-Jamil said that the owner of the restaurant kept offering his customers pizza, thinking that it was fresh, and in the end, he told them that it was frozen pizza that he bought from the grocery store and heated it up and served it to customers only.

Al-Jamil bought the same pizza after he found it already frozen in one of the stores in the Kingdom, and after heating it, and trying it in front of the camera, he was surprised by its delicious taste, declaring that the owner of the restaurant was right to serve it in this way.

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