The supervisor shocked me and I will never forget it • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Citizen Naglaa Al-Basri revealed the details of her dismissal from her job due to her epilepsy, noting that once the supervisor learned of her illness, she dismissed her.

She said during an interview with the Saudi channel: “I used to suffer from epilepsy before the operation, and I was an employee and met the public, and organized their appointments, and during my work I suffered from epilepsy, so the supervisor transferred me from my job, then I was shocked by what I had forgotten throughout my life, and she tied my handcuffs, and said If you are sick, accept the job, stay at the door.”

She added, “I underwent the operation, and what happened disappeared, then my brother died, and when I returned to my work, the supervisor said, “I will not accept you,” indicating that she felt despair and then decided to complete her studies, obtaining a bachelor’s degree, and starting a stage of human resources. Pointing out that she had conducted Operation in the brain and focus of the head.

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