The World’s Most Expensive Red Wine: Inside the Story of Hormane Conti

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A 1.5-liter bottle (Magnum) cost 1.5 million baht per bottle and almost 5 million baht. This is the selling price in duty-free shops. If outside, how much will it be? And in the hotel how much will it be?

is Hormane Conti (Romanée Conti) or Romane Conti burgundy wine The most expensive red wine in the world In the wine industry, this name defeated all wines in the land. Known for being expensive and out of this world.

Still, people had to seek it out by any means. With an annual production of 5,000 bottles, the more we have to compete and buy and must be booked in advance.

Romanee Conti Vineyard (

On May 23-25, I went to work Vinexpo Asia 2023 In Singapore, it’s a wine and spirits event from around the world that reminds me ofBurgundy wine, Hormane Conti Which was seen for sale at the King Power duty-free shop. Telling the price, everyone had to exclaim with different voices.

owner Hormane Conti is Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Or Socete Civile du Domaine de la Romanée Conti, abbreviated as DRC, is a company in which two families clash together to produce six expensive wines in boxes of one dozen or 12 bottles.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' Sell ​​with dog tail

Then send them to sell all over the world in the quota system. One out of the 12 bottles is Hormane Kongti. Only 1 bottle, the rest are wines in the group Anyone who wants this wine must buy a whole box.tie-in marketing Like in our house, whoever wants a beer, I have to buy a soda or something like that.

The owner of the first family is Villaine Of the father of Mr. Henri de Willaine (Henri de Villaine), who later had the most active son named Aubert (Aubert de Villaine) inherited the position of Director of Marketing. After the father’s death, a will was made stating that the interests in the DRC company must be divided into 10 parts.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' Huber de Willin, current owner

The owner of the second family is Leroy (Leroy) belonging to the father of Henri Leroy, he has two daughters growing up Pauline (Pauline Roch Leroy) A small person named Lalu Biz (Lalou Bize-Leroy) This young person is a wine enthusiast and a talent for wine tasting. She succeeded her father in the joint administration of the DRC from 1974 onwards.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' Plowing the land with a horse drawn

Lalu Biz pioneered in determining the taste ofHormane Conti wine Until being famous all over the world After his father’s death, shares in DRC fell to two sisters, while those of the De family. Willin must be shared by up to 10 people.

Later, there was a controversy. Le Hora went out and made his own wine. And the expensive price is also desired by wine lovers around the world as well.

Hormane Conti’s Expensive Words depending on weather conditions Or terroir of the farm itself. Despite having only 4 acres of vineyards (1 acre = 2.5 rai), it is so small that no one would believe it.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' Hormane Conti’s Pino Noir

while taking care of the vinesPinot Noir (Pinot Noir) is very delicate. From the issue of soil that requires artificial yoke horses to gradually plow the soil so that the soil is not tight and well ventilated, etc.

Domain de la Hormane Conti Often the late harvester of the grapes in Burgundy. Every vine will be pruned, leaving only one branch. Although the production quota is allowed by the French Winery Authority (INAO) to produce up to 45 hectoliters/hectare.

but theyActual production is only 20 hectoliters/hectare. to make the grape juice of high quality Including aged in 100% new oak barrels for over 18 months before being bottled for sale.

The production of each brand of wine is very small, for example: Romaee-Conti can contain 6,500 bottles per year Task 13,000-26,000 bottles a year Richebourg, with its 8.61 acres of vineyards, produces 13,000-14,500 bottles a year. Montrachet It has 1.65 acres of vineyards, producing 2,700 bottles a year.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' Sotheby’s Wine Auction June 2022 (

butThe one that determines the price is Vintage, or year of harvest. and secret recipes Give the wine a wonderful taste. Power beyond anyone Although some years God will not favor the sun, wind and rain. But everyone was surprised that Hormane Conti Any magical magic Therefore able to invent the wine to have a taste that is beyond the sky under the ground Prices not only do not fall, they also go up every year.

Hormane Conti has also been regarded as One of the 14 Golden Lands for wine grapes from the International Institute of Landscape and Vineyard Architecture (Institut International des Paysages et Architectures Viticoles) in Paris.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' Auber and the most expensive red wine in the world

After that, it uses a dog tail marketing system. Hormane Kongti has stories about the lives of people of different statuses and statuses.

For example, more than 10 years ago There is the most famous case of wine counterfeiting. Rudy Kurniawan (Rudy Kurniawan), one of the world’s most famous wine forgers, Indonesian-Chinese. Released with deportation from the United States April 2021

Rudy Kurniawan traveled to the US on a student visa and escaped it. Then live among the rich drinkers and wine collectors. Including entering various wine auctions until becoming famous in the wine industry Spend millions of dollars a month buying expensive wines and starting a trading business. with an emphasis on rare Burgundy wines.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world'

Hormane Conti in Duty Free

especially Hormane Conti, until receiving the nickname Dr. Conti The world’s most expensive red wine

He was caught becausefake wineJailed in 2008, the FBI raided his LA condo. Many wine fakes were found, including wine juice, wine bottles, wine labels and corks, etc.

Along with more than 500 counterfeit bottles of expensive wine (Pictured are counterfeit wines destroyed by the authorities), he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' Formel B was hacked into a wall to steal wine.

February 2020 Restaurant Formula B One Michelin star in Copenhagen, Denmark, was attacked by thieves who penetrated the wall of a store and stole wine.burgundy wineExpensive, 50-60 bottles, worth over 170,000 – 220,000 euros.

Among them is the world’s finest wine from Burgundy. Domain de la Hormane Conti Many models, one of them being Hormane Conti 2014 The market price is 13,000 -14,000 euros per bottle.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world'

Prices in duty-free shops

It’s prescription theft. Because these wines are expensive. and is in great demand but the amount of production is small In the past, there were restaurants in both Europe and the United States. Used to have these wines stolen as well. Having these wines, even for the face of the store, is miserable and frightening. Because you don’t know when it will be stolen?

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' James Halliday

2020 James Halliday Renowned wine critic and Australian wine bible. Auctioned 250 bottles of Domaine de la Hormane Conti wine from a private cellar he had collected over 30 years through Langton’s, Australia’s famous auction house.

There are some outstanding ones such as Romanee-Conti 1973 and La Tâche” (La Tâche) 1973. People fight to bid for millions of baht.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' Sir Alex with Hormane Conti wine up for auction

Sir Alex Ferguson The former Manchester United manager is an avid wine collector. There are over a thousand bottles of wine in the collection. Used to bring about 5,000 bottles of wine to auction to raise money for 3 charity items, one of which isHormane Conti Vintage 2002 Price $ 24,000 as of 2014 Hormane Conti Vintage 1997 His was auctioned in London for £94,815, for example.

'Hormane Conti' Burgundy wine  'The most expensive red wine in the world' Hormane Conti vineyards (

is a fraction of the story of Hormane Conti siteRed wine, the most expensive Burgundy wine

that wine lovers around the world want to taste even just a drop As for me, I have tasted 13 vintages, each time I graciously admit that Try to hold your pee as long as possible…

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