Mafia boss Bonaro arrested after 30 years… Discover the secret underground bunker

While Italy’s first wanted man, mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro, was arrested after 30 years, a secret bunker that Denaro was believed to have been in and out of was discovered.

According to the Guardian on the 18th (local time), the Italian military police found Denaro’s second hiding place in a house in the Campobello di Mazara area on the island of Sicily.

A secret bunker was hidden inside the hideout. Enter the hideout and slide the wardrobe to reveal the hidden entrance to the bunker. The police found a box containing emeralds, diamonds, and other jewels here, and believed that important documents stolen by Denaro were also kept here.

Italian mafia bosses are known for building escape routes under houses, bunkers in the mountains accessible only on foot, and hideouts in the woods to protect themselves.

Previously, Mafia boss Denaro, who had been on the run for 30 years, was arrested on the 16th at a councilor in Palermo, Sicily. He is the last of three top-level mafia bosses who have been on the fugitive list for decades without being arrested by the police, and is known to have led the mafia organization ‘Cosa Nostra’ while on the run.

Authorities hope Denaro’s arrest will open the door to the brutal crimes committed by the Sicilian mafia, including the murder of prosecutor Giovanni Falcone and judge Paolo Borsellino, who led the 1992 Mafia crackdown. Trial by default (trial without the presence of the accused) Denaro, who was convicted of dozens of murders as a defendant, could face multiple life sentences.

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