This is how Muhammad Ramadan responded to an artist who reminded him of his past

A journey that was not furnished with roses that the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, went through, to become in the ranks of the stars, and many troubles that he endured in order to obtain a chance.

Perhaps one of them is the position narrated by the Egyptian artist, Intissar, when she was a guest on a television program and spoke about what happened many years ago at the Balloon Theatre.

Intisar, the artist

At the time, she was performing a play with the late Ibrahim Nasr and director Mohsen Helmy, where she was surprised by a young duo carrying a backpack on their shoulder and coming late at night.

The skinny young man asked Intissar to help him get an opportunity to present his talent, and assured her that they were roaming theaters in search of work and an opportunity to act.

There was no victory but the permission of the play’s director and hero, as she felt enthusiasm for the duo and refused to embarrass them or take them out of the theater and strived to present what they could offer.

Indeed, the director agreed to give the duo a few minutes to showcase the talent, and after they finished, I applauded victory for them, and assured them that they had the real talent, and then they left.

As the years pass, and in one of the sessions of the Cairo International Film Festival, Ramadan meets the artist Intisar and tells her about the situation that occurred years ago and how she dealt with it in the theater.

Intisar’s talk, Ramadan was keen to respond to him through the social media, after he republished Intisar’s statements, and commented on them, saying, “I was in the process of getting a job, Victory.. Now the work is looking up.”

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