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2023-06-08 06:12:32

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Tomoe industry 6309> 2,967 yen +500 Yen (+20.3%)stop height Today’s closing price TSE prime rise rate top
Tomoe Kogyo 6309> is the stop high. After the close of trading on the 7th, the consolidated earnings forecast for the term ending October 2011 will increase sales from 47.38 billion yen to 48.46 billion yen (up 6.3% year-on-year) and operating income will be 2.94 billion yen. From JPY to 3.59 billion yen (up 8.8% year-on-year), and net income revised upward from 2.04 billion yen to 2.43 billion yen (down 8.6% year-on-year). It was well received that the company announced that it would increase the annual dividend forecast from 28 yen to 56 yen to 40 yen each for the interim and year-end dividends to 80 yen. While the machinery manufacturing and sales business is expected to postpone some projects, the chemical product sales business is expected to perform well, mainly related to functional materials, which will push up sales and profits.

■ Eisai<4523>10,305 yen+707 Yen (+7.4%) Today’s closing price Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime No. 4 increase rate
Eisai<4523>soared. The price has been renewed since the beginning of the year and has reached the 10,000 yen mark.The company and BiogenA staff document from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows that the Alzheimer’s disease treatment drug “Lecanemab (trade name: Lekenbi)” developed by the company is likely to receive full approval. . Biogen’s stock price surged on the same day. For Eisai, there were also purchases conscious of the positive effect on business performance of the spread of new drugs. The two companies also announced on the 8th Japan time that they had filed a new drug application for lecanemab in South Korea for the indication of early Alzheimer’s disease.

■Isle<3854>3,015 yen+191 Yen (+6.8%) Today’s closing price Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime 7th place
Isle<3854>rose for a sixth straight day. After the close of trading on the 7th, the financial results for the period from August 2010 to April 2023 (cumulative third quarter) will be announced. The operating income increased by 71.0% compared to the same period last year to 2,639 million yen, which is a significant increase in profit, and the buying that made a favorable impression gathered. Sales were 11,662 million yen, up 23.5% year on year. In addition to the elimination of the impact of the shortage of semiconductors in the same period of the previous year, the increase in stock sales and the improvement of the gross profit margin due to the enhancement of package functions contributed. The full-year outlook remains unchanged.

■ G Security<4417>5,590 yen+340 Yen (+6.5%) Today’s closing price
Global Security Expert<4417>surged. The company provides cyber security services and security personnel training to small and medium-sized enterprises as its main customers. Since the fiscal year ended March 2020, the company’s business results have continued to show significant increases in sales and profits. After the close of trading on the 7th, it announced a medium-term management plan, and as a numerical target, operating income of 2.2 billion yen in the term ending March 2014 (736 million yen in the term ending March 2011). The company’s plan to triple its profits over the next three years has given a strong boost to its stock price.

■ Oki Electric Industry<6703>861 yen+38 Yen (+4.6%) Today’s closing price
Oki Electric Industry<6703>However, on the Taiyo Line, the price rose sharply, setting new year-to-date highs for consecutive days. The market price has risen to a high level for the first time in about 1 year and 3 months since the end of March last year. It has a wide range of business, including information and communication systems and EMS (contract manufacturing of electronic equipment), but it also has a defense-related aspect, as it ranks high among domestic companies in terms of transaction value with the Ministry of Defense. We are developing and manufacturing sonar for submarines by making full use of our unique acoustic technology, and the attention is increasing here. Most recently, a new law to support the production and export of defense equipment was enacted at the plenary session of the House of Councilors on the 7th of the previous day. On the 3rd of this month, a Japan-U.S.-South Korea defense ministerial meeting was held in Singapore. In addition to improving countermeasures against missiles launched by North Korea, such as radar, regular training assuming submarines was considered and agreed. It was reported that Among them, the company suddenly stands out as a related influential stock.

■ Osaka soda<4046>4,520 yen+150 Yen (+3.4%) Today’s closing price
Osaka soda<4046>rose for the fifth straight day. Iwai Cosmo Securities on the 7th, along with continuing the investment judgment of the company’s stock “A”, raised the target price from 3600 yen to 5100 yen. Consolidated operating income for the fiscal year ending March 2012 is expected to decline 35.7% year-on-year to 10 billion yen due to the effects of manufacturing equipment failures, but we expect performance recovery and medium-term growth in the healthcare business from the next fiscal year onwards. . The company is the world’s top supplier of silica gel for liquid chromatography, which is used as a pharmaceutical purification material. Demand for silica gel as a purification material for antidiabetic and obesity drugs is growing rapidly, and we are increasing production capacity at our Amagasaki and Matsuyama plants. The plan to double the earnings of the healthcare business in fiscal 2030 has been highly evaluated.

■ Nippon Yusen<9101>3,096 yen+65 Yen (+2.1%) Today’s closing price
Nippon Yusen<9101>Mitsui O.S.K. Lines<9104>Kawasaki Steamship<9107>Such as major shipping stocks are generally bought. Buying was concentrated in growth stocks such as artificial intelligence (AI) related stocks, but recently there is a movement of return reversal to value stocks. Shipping stocks were in an adjustment phase against the backdrop of worsening conditions in the containership market, but there is an emerging sense that short-term selling has come to an end. In terms of stock price indices, there are many stocks with high dividend yields and large P/B ratios below 1, and funds are flowing in again, focusing on the sense of undervaluement. The Baltic Shipping Index, which shows the overall price movements of bulk carriers that carry iron ore, coal, grain, etc., has been on a downward trend recently, but has shown signs of bottoming out and reversing since the beginning of this week. It seems to have induced buybacks.

■ Tokyo Seimitsu<7729>6,350 yen+130 Yen (+2.1%) Today’s closing price
Tokyo Seimitsu<7729>is a backlash. It seems that Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities continued its investment decision “buy” on the 7th and raised the target price from 7200 yen to 7700 yen. Increased sales of grinders and CMP equipment for manufacturing power semiconductors, SiC processing tools with high wear rates, and high value-added probers (equipped with high-precision temperature control functions, etc.) due to the expansion of the GPU and memory markets that drive the spread of generation AI. Consider future growth. In the future, the stock price is expected to rise further by fully factoring in the earnings improvement phase after the fiscal year ending March 2013.

Japan Post Insurance<7181>2,154 yen+21.5 Yen (+1.0%) Today’s closing price
Japan Post Insurance<7181>rebounded. On the 7th, the US investment fund KKRannounced that it has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Global Atlantic, a major insurance company under its umbrella. It seems that the buying in anticipation of the tie-up effect gathered. Japan Post Insurance aims to capture profits from overseas. It will also invest in a reinsurance co-investment vehicle managed by Global Atlantic.

■ Arisawa Manufacturing<5208>1,077 yen+5Yen (+0.5%) Today’s closing price
Arisawa Manufacturing<5208>rebounded for the first time in three days. After the close of trading on the 7th, it became clear that Strategic Capital (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) had increased its stock purchases, and it seems that speculative purchases were invited. The holding ratio rose from 7.17% to 8.17%, according to a change report submitted to the Ministry of Finance. The reporting obligation occurs on June 1st. The purpose of holding the shares is “to make important proposals, etc. depending on pure investment and circumstances.”

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