UAE Road Traffic Report 2022: Youth, New Drivers, and Road Safety

2023-08-09 01:27:02

DUBAI: Reported road traffic in the UAE last year Our main reasons are youth and newly licensed. Study report that Rum. In 2022, 3945 minor and major accidents were reported across the state. done Out of this, 13 percent of the accidents occurred among the youth and five percent. Due to the negligence of those who got driving license under the influence n. Last year 530 accidents were involved in this department. The figures released by the Ministry of Interior make it clear.

Excessive speeding, use of mobile phones while driving, vehicles If a certain distance is not maintained between them, it is not safe and quick. The main reason for the accidents is the wrong line. All 790 accidents occurred due to speeding vehicles. is 675 cases due to careless overtaking of the vehicle in front It’s crazy. Drunken driving was the reason for 533 accidents.

Meanwhile, 41 percent of road traffic fatalities in 2022 Nav is under 30 years of age and has 53 percent injuries. Dr. Suraksha UAE has given a warning. Alarming number of new drivers causing major accidents Nakamanneni Road Safety Authority Founder and Managing Director Maya Thomas Eidelman said. Reckless driving by appealing to the elderly It is clear in the study conducted in collaboration with UGOV. All road safety has been clarified by the UAE authorities. At the same time, the world’s population of young people between the ages of five and 24 The UN held that the main reason for the war was the massive roadblocks. It was also found in the study. 10 percent of the world’s population is between the ages of 18 and 24 n. 25 percent of accidents kill people in this age group. The study says so. Use your seatbelt properly, follow the speed limit, and Keep a certain distance between us, accurately indicator. Use and drive under the influence of drugs Back to the things that started reducing the use of mobile phones Road safety UAE also clarified that it is the way to reduce the risk.

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