“Uncovering the Truth: Sayyida Zainab’s Real Burial Place Revealed by Islamic Archaeologist Mukhtar al-Kasbani”

2023-05-31 02:29:19

Al-Marsad newspaper: Islamic archaeologist Mukhtar al-Kasbani revealed a surprise about the absence of the body of Sayyida Zainab inside her mosque in Cairo.

He explained, in a telephone interview with him on the “Tahrir Hall” program, that she only lived there, but was buried at the foot of Mokattam.

And he indicated that the shrine that people visit in the mosque is a vision only.

In response to those who criticize the removal, he said that the grave of Imam Warsh does not know its location, but rather it is all scenes of a vision of the righteous saints of God.

Egyptians have believed for years that the Sayyidah Zainab mosque in Cairo is a shrine for Sayyidah Zainab and her body inside it, and thousands of people flock to it daily and consider visiting it an honor and a blessing that they pray to God to obtain.

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