Updates on Kuwaiti Artist Maram Al-Balushi’s Recovery and Return to Artistic Activity

2023-10-02 09:37:23

Kuwaiti artist Hind Al-Balushi revealed details of the condition of her sister, Maram Al-Balushi, after she left the hospital, reassuring her fans.

Al-Balushi said during her interview on the Al-Seef program shown on the ATV channel: “Her sister, Maram Al-Balushi, has ended her treatment in intensive care, where she recently stayed for days, indicating her final discharge from the hospital.”

She added: “She is currently at home among her children. I continue: “I would like to reassure her loved ones who think that she is still in intensive care. No, my beloved, I would like to reassure you that Maram is fine, thanks to God and your sincere prayers, and she is fine and well and in her home and among her children for a long time.

She confirmed that Maram is currently living her life normally, but she is completing her recovery period and will soon reappear on social media platforms. She will also return to practicing her artistic activity, which her fans have been waiting for.

It is worth noting that Hind Al-Balushi had announced in mid-September that Maram Al-Balushi’s health condition had deteriorated, in a sudden shock to her followers and her sister’s fans, who reacted to this news with great sadness.

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