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Prior to a supposed meeting that would take place between the lawyers of Shakira y Gerard Piquédue to their separation process, new details of interest for the entertainment media continue to emerge every day.

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As is known, Shakira was on vacation in USA with his two sons, Milan y Sasha. During her stay in North American territory, the Colombian visited sports venues such as the stadium of Los Angeles Dodgers, in California. In all the places she visited, she was very well received by the public.

Now, the singer has already left the country and a video recently emerged showing the affection of the American population with Shakira.

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As he passed through the Miami airport, a man yelled at him: “You look gorgeous”. The artist, who was holding hands with her children, He simply turned to see and gave his fan a smile.

“Others would even get angry and she was super attentive”say his fans.

On Piqué’s side, not everything is colored. The footballer, who was on tour with the Barcelona Soccer Club for North America, he suffered the rejection of the fans in all his games, apparently, due to the end of the relationship with Shakira.

The screams with the name of the Colombian singer and strong whistles let him see it.


The Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office requested a sanction of 23.8 million euros with a sentence of eight years and two months in prison for the Colombian singer, who was accused of six crimes against the Public Treasury for defrauding 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014, pretending that she did not reside in Spain.

The public ministry presented its indictment before the Catalan Justice, after the artist rejected last Wednesday the last agreement of the Prosecutor’s Office to reduce sentences and avoid trial.

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Shakira has already returned the 14.5 million required by the Tax Agency and another three of interest, for which the highly qualified mitigation of damage repair has been applied to reduce the sentence, which could amount to up to six years in prison for each crime.

As none of the requested sentences exceeds two years in prison, and also that Shakira lacks a record, in the event of a possible conviction, the singer could benefit from a suspension of the sanction and avoid going to prison.

Source: The Time

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