Warning level RED! Snow roll is now rolling over Austria – weather

Snow alarm on Thursday in large parts of Austria! An increased weather warning level was declared in several federal states.

The high-pressure influence will gradually subside on Thursday, in the course of the evening the occlusion of a low over southern Scandinavia will reach the Alps, bringing some fresh snow, especially along the north side of the Alps. Behind it, an intermediate high influence will prevail again on Friday, before a distinctive warm front from the northwest announces itself towards Saturday.

the Thursday begins in the lowlands with high fog, during the day there is generally a friendly mix of sun and clouds. In the evening it will then move in from the north, in the Waldviertel and Mühlviertel it will start to snow slightly, below 600 to 800 meters it will rain. During the night, the snowfall gradually spreads to the entire northern side of the Alps, with rain mixed in below 400 to 600 m. The westerly wind is blowing more and more strongly, stormy on the eastern edge of the Alps in the evening and the temperatures rise to 1 to 9 degrees.

Current severe weather warningsuwz.at

The Austrian Severe Weather Center has Thursday morning due to the heavy snowfall already the red weather alert level proclaimed – affected are the Styria and Salzburg. It’s also snowing heavily in the federal states of Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Upper Austria. There is a wind warning for Lower Austria, Vienna and Burgenland. Only in Carinthia is the weather still calm.

Am Friday It is snowing widely from the Bregenzerwald to Mariazellerland and initially abundantly, but the intensity slowly decreases over the course of the day. In the Danube region and in the east, there will be rain and sleet showers, with the sun showing up from time to time. It is often sunny and mostly dry in the south, in predestined locations a strong northern foehn freshens up here and strong north-west winds blow from Upper Austria to Burgenland, with stormy north-west winds on the eastern edge of the Alps. From north to south 0 to +10 degrees.

12 degrees at the weekend

the Saturday generally starts with lots of clouds, in the central Northern Alps a few snowflakes can also fall. In the afternoon rain sets in from Salzburg to northern Burgenland, the snow line rises to 800 to 1,000 meters. In the evening and at night, rain and snowfall will spread to the entire Northern Alps. It remains friendlier in the south, from Lower Carinthia to southern Burgenland the sun shines from time to time. Lively to strong west wind, maximum 0 to +8 degrees.

Am Sunday From Vorarlberg through Upper Styria to northern Burgenland, rain, snow and sleet showers are moving through early in the morning, and there may also be thunder and lightning. The snow line often drops from about 1000 m down to the valleys, but from midday the precipitation decreases significantly. From Carinthia to southern Burgenland only a few showers pass through, here the sun often shines. In addition, strong to stormy north-west winds often blow, locally squalls are possible. Maximum 2 to 12 degrees.

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