Watch .. The Tunisian (Maryam Al-Dabbagh) surpassed Mia Khalifa and appeared as God created her and in shocking situations in the most tempting scenes on the planet

You are now following the news of the Tunisian (Maryam Al-Dabbagh) overtook Mia Khalifa and appeared as God created her and in shocking situations in the most tempting scenes on the planet, and now with the details

Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – 09/13/2022 at 12:08 am | Follow Favorite

Tunisian actress Maryam Dabbagh shocked the audience with her pictures while she was completely naked.

In the details, Maryam Al-Dabbagh published her pictures completely naked, without any clothes, and depicted her exile from the upper part only, and covered her chest with her hands and hid only the very scandalous part.

In addition to a picture of Maryam al-Dabbagh naked, she appeared in another picture, sitting on the edge of the pool, wearing a two-piece swimsuit that completely revealed her body.

These pictures swept social networking sites, where followers were divided between fans of the pictures and his critics.

Social networking sites were buzzing with pictures of Tunisian actress Maryam Al-Dabbagh in a transparent dress at the Arab Oscar Festival, which was held a few days ago in a hotel in Cairo.

Mariam appeared wearing a revealing dark red dress, which was distinguished by its transparent fabric, which revealed many parts of her body due to the absence of a lining.

Maryam shared with the followers several photos of the celebration, with the same look, which was criticized by a number of followers.

And for the second time in a row, there was a big shock among the audience and spectators at the Academy Award ceremony. The main reason is that the award for Best Supporting Actress was not for an American actress for the first time ever.

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In the details, viewers were shocked by what the Academy did this time after choosing South Korean actress Yoon Yoo Jung for the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in the South Korean movie Minari, as for the first time ever, a non-American actress received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. This led to a rise in the enthusiasm of the viewers, due to the great shock that occurred, as some of them considered that the Academy was correct in choosing the actress, while others attacked this victory, considering that the organizers of the Oscar ceremony are destroying American culture in it, especially after the victory of Parasite last year, a movie South Korean too.

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