Why do men get cancer more than women? A recent study answers

08:00 p.m

Sunday 14 August 2022


A recent study revealed that men develop most forms of cancer more often than women, indicating that the causes go beyond the “harmful behaviors” that men can engage in more than women, such as drinking alcohol. What are the reasons then?

The National Cancer Institute in America found in a recent study that men are more likely to develop most types of cancer compared to women, according to the Deutsche Welle website.

In the study published by the famous “Cancer Journal”, researchers analyzed the causes of cancer in 17,951 men and 8,742 women diagnosed with one of the types of cancer during a comprehensive health study conducted between 1995 and 2011, in which nearly 300,000 people aged 50 participated. He is 71 years old, as reported by the German website Heil Praxis.

The researchers found that, in 19 of the 21 cancer types examined, the risk of developing cancer was higher in men than in women. In cancer of the throat, bladder or stomach, according to the study, the risk of developing men was three and a half times greater than that of women. In esophageal cancer, the risk was 10.8% higher.

Although previous studies suggested that “bad behaviors” that men may engage in more than women, such as smoking, alcohol consumption and an unhealthy diet, may cause men to develop cancer more than women, the new study found something interesting.

“After controlling for factors such as smoking, diet, physical activity and common medical conditions that increase the risk of developing cancer, men remained more likely than women for most types of cancer,” said study author Sarah Jackson, a researcher at the National Cancer Institute.

According to the researchers, differences in behavior can only explain a small part of why males develop cancer more often than women. In lung cancer, the study found that smoking increases men’s risk of developing it by about 50 percent.

As for most other types of cancer, the study indicated that physiological, immunological and genetic differences between the sexes play the most important role in increasing men’s susceptibility to cancer compared to women.

“The exact biological differences that lead to these disparities are not yet fully understood, but we want to explore the contribution of sex hormones and genes to cancer in future research,” Jackson said.

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