“Words in Youth” National College New Writer Selection Competition Launched: Stimulating the Campus Interest and Potential in Online Literature Creation

2023-06-11 09:26:31

Ten Schools Joint “Words in Youth” National College New Writer Selection Competition Launched Photo courtesy of the organizer

Chinanews.com, Beijing, June 11 (Reporter Gao Kai) On the 11th, the “Words in the Youth” national competition for emerging writers in colleges and universities was launched at Peking University.

The competition is jointly organized by Reading Group’s Qidian Reading and Peking University Network Literature Research Center, Shandong University Network Literature Research Center, Central South University Network Literature Research Center, Anhui University Network Literature Research Center, Capital Normal University Network Literature and Culture Research Center, Hangzhou The Internet Literature and Art Research Center of Normal University and the Internet Literature and Art Criticism Research Institute, Nanjing Normal University World Literature and Chinese Original Literature Research and Publishing Center jointly launched, Sichuan University School of Literature and Journalism, Jilin University School of Journalism and Communication, Nanchang University School of Humanities, Sichuan International Initiated by the Communication Center.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ “Research Report on the Development of Internet Literature in China in 2022” shows that the creation of Internet literature in my country shows obvious intergenerational replacement characteristics. The “post-90s” young writers have become the backbone of creation, and the “post-00s” have been promoted to the new main force of online literature creation. , It is reported that 60% of the new writers of China Literature Group are “post-00s”. According to reports, the starting point reading and ten colleges and universities held a selection contest for new college writers, aiming to stimulate the interest and potential of campus groups in online literature creation, and to tap more outstanding “back waves” in online literature creation.

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“The main readers of online literature are young people, which requires most creators to resonate with young people. In this regard, youth is undoubtedly the creator’s wealth.” Yang Chen, vice president and editor-in-chief of China Literature, said that day.

The rules of this competition have also been set with a focus on this theme, for example: set up original, fan-like double tracks, and the fan-created book list includes a series of classic web novel IPs such as “Ghost Blowing the Lantern”, “Celebrating More Than Years” and “Full-time Master”. Give Generation Z sufficient space and possibilities for individual creation; works can be submitted when they reach 3,000 words, and multi-dimensional newcomers are friendly; set up heavy incentives such as a single bonus of up to 66,000 yuan; well-known writers and celebrities jointly lead the team to help College creators grow faster and so on.

At the event site, Qidian Reading announced that the “Starting Campus Library” will be fully open to college students, and “Internet literature college students can read it for free”. As Qidiandu’s first function area tailored for campus users, it introduces a large library of genuine books, including classic web articles and published books such as “Celebrating More Than Years”, “One Thought Eternal”, “Jian Ye” and “Zhou Tian Ji”, available online. Provide free borrowing, inter-school PK to win popular works, author donation, and do tasks to win reading rights and other playing methods. Offline, a series of activities and community building are actively carried out.

In the “Innovative Writing of Internet Literature” forum held at the event, He Hong, a researcher at the Internet Literature Center of the Chinese Writers Association, said, “From the end of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century, Internet literature has taken a brand-new attitude and formed a new era by combining literature and the Internet. It is a new literary style and a new literary ecology, which has greatly changed the entire state of literature.” Ouyang Youquan, a second-level professor at Central South University and dean of the Institute of Internet Literature at Central South University, said that post-95s and post-00s writers are The hope for the future of Chinese online literature. Xu Miaomiao, professor of the Institute of Art and Aesthetic Education of Capital Normal University and director of the Internet Literature and Art Research Center of Capital Normal University, believes: “Internet literature has always been the home of youth… It is this kind of youth and individuality, unchanging and constant that create Internet literature. Vigorous vitality.”

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At the same time, the second annual list of the “Youth List of Internet Literature” sponsored by the Yangzijiang Network Literature Review Center and the “Youth” magazine of Nanjing Publishing Group was also officially released. 14 works, including My Cell Prison, The Strange Fairy, Unscientific Beast Control, and Please Kill the Demon, were featured on the list, highlighting the unique reading style and literary expression of Generation Z.

It is reported that a series of online literature carnival activities will also be held at Peking University. (over)

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