Xbox Series X Mid-Term Update: Cylindrical Design, Wi-Fi 6E, & Stronger Specs Revealed

2023-09-24 18:34:00

Although Microsoft had previously mentioned that there would be no mid-term updates for the Xbox Series Xbox Series X will have a cylindrical design and will not have a disc drive. Microsoft’s latest court documents revealed that the Xbox Series X will receive a mid-term update. The new version of the Xbox Series This mid-cycle update will also bring stronger hardware specifications, including Wi-Fi 6E and a more efficient processor, providing better gaming performance.[Click here]to watch more product unboxing videos with the App. The recent court documents filed against Microsoft by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission unexpectedly revealed that Microsoft is developing three new game consoles, overturning the brand’s earlier statement that it has no mid-term update plan for game consoles. The code name Brooklin mentioned in it refers to the new version of Xbox Series X, which is tentatively scheduled to be launched in November next year. It will have a cylindrical design and will not have a disc drive. It may also provide personal customization functions from the Xbox Design Lab. In terms of specifications, Xbox Series Achieve a drop of 15%. This machine also has 2TB storage space, twice the current model, and comes with a Sebile controller, priced at US$499 (approximately HK$3,903). As for the codename Ellewood, it represents the new version of Xbox Series S, which is tentatively scheduled to be launched in September next year. The biggest change is that the storage capacity is doubled to 1TB. The price is US$299 (approximately HK$2,339). The launch time is tentatively scheduled for September 2024. In addition, relevant documents also mention that Microsoft’s Sebile controller has a built-in accelerometer and haptic function that doubles as a speaker, making it more like Sony PlayStation’s latest DualSense controller. It also has a new modular control stick, a quieter button design, and new applications. Program function, replaceable battery and easier maintenance. At the same time, Sebile will also prepare another XDL version, code-named Igraine.[Related reports][FF14]Naoki Yoshida and Microsoft Xbox jointly announced that “Final Fantasy XIV” will be launched on Xbox Series X|S[Related reports][Unboxing]PS5 Spider-Man 2 special edition console with additional controller and modified case Appearance[Related reports]Nintendo is rumored to reveal to developers that the Switch 2 will have a camera and an 8-inch screen Source: Engadget

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