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| Screen Level |
Mi 12 Pro : Samsung E5 AMOLED (peak brightness 1,300nits)
Mi 12: CSOT AMOLED (peak brightness 1,200nits)
Mi 12X : CSOT AMOLED (peak brightness 1,200nits)

| Color Mode |

The three use MIUI 13, with a total of six color modes:
Vivid/Vivid/Primary/Advanced Mode – Natural/Advanced Mode – P3 Color Gamut/Advanced Mode – sRGB Color Gamut

For the Xiaomi Mi 12 series, these three peak brightness have reached the standard, and the factory color gamut and color accuracy have also passed the test.Many display modes
up to 6, in addition to the bright color is really too saturated and disgusting, the advanced mode – natural and advanced mode – P3 color gamut
These are the two modes I most recommend, one is for sRGB, and the other is for DCI-P3 color gamut, both of which are accurate.

| Color gamut coverage |
■ Xiaomi 12X
・Vivid Mode:89.9% DCI-P3
・Primary color mode:95.9% sRGB
・Advanced mode – P3 color gamut: 93.4% DCI-P3
・Advanced mode – Natural Mode: 97.9% sRGB
■ Xiaomi 12
・Vivid Mode:96.2% DCI-P3
・Primary color mode:98.2% sRGB
・Advanced mode – P3 color gamut: 55% DCI-P3
・Advanced mode – Natural Mode: 103.5% sRGB
■ Xiaomi 12 Pro
・Vivid Mode:97.6% DCI-P3
・Primary color mode:106.7% sRGB
・Advanced mode – P3 color gamut: 94% DCI-P3
・Advanced mode – Natural Mode: 106.1% sRGB

The color gamut covers three excellent colors, both sRGB and DCI-P3 are more than 90%. According to our standard, it is smooth for watching movies.
You can read Douyin on the website without lack of color or lack of color.

As for the advanced P3 of Xiaomi Mi 12, it is only 55%, because the red color is too saturated and the error is too large, which reduces the measurement value.actually
The overall coverage is still more than 90% of the strength.
(Vivid mode/advanced mode – sRGB, these two color gamuts are passed, because there is too much data.)

▲ red burstThere will be one on the leftred bar

| White Balance |
■ Xiaomi 12X
・Advanced mode – nature
・Average color temperature 6,260K
・Gamma 2.25
・ Delta E = 2.5
■ Xiaomi 12
・Advanced mode – nature
・Average color temperature 6,457K
・Gamma 2.23
・ Delta E = 1.8
■ Xiaomi 12 Pro
・Advanced mode – nature
average color temperature 6,156K
・Gamma 2.18
・ Delta E = 2.5

The factory white balance accuracy of the Xiaomi Mi 12 is more accurate, and the 12X and 12 Pro are slightly higher.If you like DCI-P3 color
gamut, I recommend switching to the advanced mode – P3 color gamut, the preset white balance will be cooler, and the blue can be reduced in the RGB three colors.
Just right.

Xiaomi 12 / 12X / 12 Pro screen value sharing By Techdog- 2

Error value standard: The closer the color temperature is to 6,500K, the closer the Gamma is to 2.2, and the smaller the Delta E error value is, the more accurate it is.
The error value of Xiaomi Mi 12 is only 1.8. The shorter the white bar on the left, the closer it is to the standard D65

| Color Accuracy |
■ Xiaomi 12X
・Advanced mode – nature
・Average Color Delta E = 2
・Max Color Delta E = 4.2
■ Xiaomi 12
・Advanced mode – nature
・Average Color Delta E = 1.4
・Max Color Delta E = 3.8
■ Xiaomi 12 Pro
・Primary color mode
・Average Color Delta E = 2.1
・Max Color Delta E = 4.2

The color accuracy of the three Mi 12s is very good! The average error value is not high, the lowest is the Mi 12 only
Delta E = 1.4!The most accurate mode is the advanced (natural) sRGB color standard, if the color standard of DCI-P3 is wrong
The difference will be a little bigger, but it is still within the standard.

Xiaomi 12 / 12X / 12 Pro screen value sharing By Techdog- 3

Mi 12 The average error is only 1.4. The shorter the color bar on the left, the closer it is to the standard

| Summary |

In recent years, apart from the iPhone, no other mobile phone supports Netflix’s Dolby Vision.
Described as “out of print”. After the LG G6, even if the Sharp AQUOS Zero screen supports Dolby
Vision, but only get SD quality on Netflix, and the screen is useless no matter how beautiful it is.

Now Xiaomi Mi 12 also supports the extremely rare Netflix Dolby Vision format in the Android industry, plus highlights
It can be said that it is a mobile drama chasing device dreamed of by drama fans.Because no matter how high-end Samsung will not
Giving you Dolby Vision.

Personally, I prefer Xiaomi 12 or Xiaomi 12X from Xiaotai.

Tech dog Ethan

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