The Dangers of Centralization in the Lightning Network: Insights from Former Developer Antoine Riard

2023-11-27 12:33:23 Antoine Riard, who left the Lightning Network development team in October, argues that the Lightning Network also faces the danger of becoming increasingly centralized and vulnerable to points of failure and censorship. Developers working on Bitcoin’s Layer 2 platform, the Lightning Network, are less security-oriented. They are more focused on meeting their investors, … Read more

Quick and Efficient Hobart Dishwasher Repair Services by Junhong Electrical

2023-09-19 16:29:52 [Breaking news]Hobart dishwasher not responding when turned on? Junhong Electrical Repair is here to help you solve it! Have you ever encountered a situation where your Hobart dishwasher doesn’t respond when you turn it on, like a fake device? If you have encountered it, please read this article patiently, because I will bring … Read more

Deadly Earthquake Strikes Morocco: Understanding the Impact and the Hockay Fault in Verviers

2023-09-13 07:15:08 Morocco is in mourning after a deadly earthquake that occurred on Friday evening. Unfortunately, the area was not known to be prone to earthquakes, which prevented local authorities from building buildings appropriate to a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale. In northern Europe, the largest seismic fault is located in the Verviers … Read more

an urgent update to counter Pegasus spyware

2023-09-11 13:48:50 Pegasus spyware, marketed by the Israeli company NSO Group, has just made a very notable comeback. The Canadian research laboratory Citizen Lab discovered last week the presence of malwaremalware on the iPhoneiPhone of an employee of a civil society organization based in Washington DC The infection is particularly worrying since it uses a … Read more

Standard’s CEO Pierre Locht Reassures Fans about Club’s Future Amid Financial Concerns

2023-09-10 18:10:00 Standard is having a complicated start to the season and it is therefore normal for supporters to be concerned. Both sportingly and financially, there are many question marks regarding the future of the club in the short and medium term. Pierre Locht, the CEO of the Liège club, wanted to reassure the fans … Read more

Uncovering the Controversial Mandate of the Paid President of BeTV: Insights and Rulings

2023-06-15 04:52:47 The file concerns the mandate of paid president of BeTV exercised by the former number two of Nethys. While the Directorate for the Control of Mandates of the Public Service of Wallonia criticized Pol Heyse for not having made a declaration of mandates exercised in 2019, judging that the mandate at BeTV had … Read more