A statement from the Ministry of Health regarding monkeypox, which is spreading globally.. and travelers directed outside the Kingdom in this matter

Al-Marsad newspaper – SPA: The Ministry of Health has confirmed that, so far, thankfully, no case of monkeypox has been detected in the Kingdom, which has recently begun to appear in some European and North American countries, after it had been endemic in some African countries for more than 50 years. .

preventive plan

The Ministry of Health indicated its complete readiness to monitor, investigate and deal with cases in the event of any case, God forbid, pointing out that all medical and laboratory tests are available, and it also has an integrated preventive and curative plan to deal with such cases if they arise, and it includes the definition of suspected cases. And confirmed, and dealing with and epidemiological investigation of contacts.

And she indicated that the International Health Regulations program in the Kingdom is in constant contact with the World Health Organization to know the details of any developments about the disease or monitor any cases around the world to ensure that there are no contacts with any cases monitored in the Kingdom.

Orientation for outbound travelers

The Ministry urged everyone to follow health behaviors and awareness guidelines issued by it and the Public Health Authority (Prevention), as well as in the case of traveling outside the Kingdom, to identify the necessary preventive measures, especially in the countries where the disease was detected.

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