A Thrilling 90-Minute Showdown: Elversberg vs. 1. FC Kaiserslautern – Match Recap and Analysis

2023-08-18 18:10:30

90. Min


Elversberg is still fun, but above all remains a supplier of points. The promoted team also showed a strong performance in the third game as a second division team, the points account is still pretty empty with one point. Elversberg was the better team in the first half in Lautern, but FCK took the lead after a penalty by Kevin Kraus. After the break, the game turned into a real firework display. Both teams had plenty of chances, plus four goals and a winner in a game that really didn’t deserve a winner. Because both teams played strong and courageous, but in the end a bit more luck made the difference. Appropriate to the fact that Julian Krahl captured the Lauterer victory in the seventh minute of injury time. Elversberg got two goals later in the second division game in Rostock, but Horst Steffen’s team was denied that. All the more gratifying for Lautern because after two defeats they got their first points in the league.

90. Min


Krahl becomes the savior! Schnellenbacher has a great chance to equalize, but the Lauterer keeper is there.

90. Min


Yellow card for Aaron Opoku (1. FC Kaiserslautern)

90. Min


The high balls keep flying in the direction of the Lauterer penalty area, but defense chief Kraus and Co. get along with them quite well.

90. Min


Yellow card for Semih Sahin (SV 07 Elversberg)

90. Min


Rochelt with the sharp cross, but the defensive can fend off. The Lauterer also do not allow the margin.

90. Min


And now there’s an alarm again in the Lauterer penalty area. Elversberg has a free kick on the outside.

90. Min


The promoted team still has six minutes to equalize. But it could also take a little longer because Krahl is being treated at the moment. He was cleared by substitute Jäkel after an intercepted ball.

90. Min


Official stoppage time (minutes): 6

89. Min


Substitution at SV 07 Elversberg: Frederik Jäkel

89. Min


Substitution at SV 07 Elversberg: Thore Jacobsen

89. Min


Lex-Tyger Lobinger comes on at 1. FC Kaiserslautern

89. Min


Substitution at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Marlon Ritter

89. Min


Yellow card for Marlon Ritter (1. FC Kaiserslautern)

88. Min


Elversberg stayed true to his line to the end. No long balls and then hoping for luck, but keep looking for footballing solutions. The question: can you still find them?

85. Min


Stock with a great shot from a distance and Krahl flies to a strong save. Elversberg with a good reaction – but the goalkeeper with an even better one.

84. Min


Is Elversberg coming back again? It cannot be stressed enough how well the underdog can keep up in front of more than 40,000 fans in the Betzenberg witches’ cauldron. But at some point the team has to reward itself.

83. Min


Hanslik with the strong assist to lead and thus also with compensation. First the mistake before the 1:2, now Lautern is ahead again thanks to his jokers. A great game in the 2nd half, which is far from decided.

80. Min


Substitution at SV 07 Elversberg: Luca Schnellbacher

80. Min


Substitution at SV 07 Elversberg: Wahid Faghir

80. Min


Substitution at SV 07 Elversberg: Lukas Pinckert

80. Min


Substitution at SV 07 Elversberg: Robin Fellhauer

79. Min


Tooor for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, 3:2 by Marlon Ritter

The Betze trembles and celebrates its captain! Hanslik crosses to the second post and there Zimmer volleys the ball into the far corner. A mega goal!

77. Min


The final phase of an extremely turbulent second half begins. There have already been 20 shots on goal – eleven for Lautern and nine for Elversberg. However, the promoted team scored twice when the hosts scored.

76. Min


Lautern continues to complain and someone outside sees the box again. Assistant coach Hengen has now been warned.

74. Min


A little hectic on the Betzenberg. Conrad is the last man to bring down Ache, but referee Ittrich lets him continue. Lautern demands, in the end Tachie gets his own man on the bench yellow.

73. Min


Yellow card for Richmond Tachie (1. FC Kaiserslautern)

72. Min


Again, Ritter takes over the job and again he hits the bottom third of the wall. Perhaps Lautern should appoint another shooter.

71. Min


Now it could be dangerous again on the other side. Lautern takes a free kick from a central position about 25 meters away from the goal.

70. Min


However, it’s crazy how weak the Lauterer defense is today. Sahin is allowed to walk through the ranks again and pull away. But his own man deflects and the ball goes past.

68. Min


Tooor for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, 2:2 by Ragnar Ache

On crosses, this man is simply a weapon! Zimmer with the wide ball into the center and there Ache prevails again, but this time he doesn’t give Kristof a chance with his header. Great goal by the Joker. And already Schuster has a little more right with his changes.

66. Min


Apart from this chance, however, it must be said that the change from coach Schuster caused a break in Lauterer’s game. After that, the pressure decreased significantly and the opponent’s two hits fell. It also fits that Hanslik lost the ball a few seconds after being substituted on immediately before the 1:2.

65. Min


On the other hand, Kristof with a fantastic save! Ache heads the ball from eight yards out, but the Elversberg goalkeeper dives and scrapes the ball off the line.

64. Min


And now Krahl saves his team! Elversberg counters and runs to a defender in pairs. Faghir lays across to Rochelt, who is free-standing but fails at the Lauterer goalkeeper.

62. Min


Tooor for SV 07 Elversberg, 1:2 by Semih Sahin

The climber is really fun, but Lautern makes it too easy for him. Sahin with a simple one-two with Faghir and the midfielder nets in unchallenged. The turning point of the Elversbergers is taking shape.

61. Min


Substitution at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Daniel Hanslik

61. Min


Substitution at 1. FC Kaiserslautern for Richmond Tachie

61. Min


And after that it gets really dangerous. Conrad, like Sickinger, is extremely free to head the ball from six meters in the first half, but clearly misses the goal. Elversberg simply has to seize these opportunities.

60. Min


Again it becomes relatively dangerous in front of the Lauterer Tor. Elversberg countered really well and in the end Rochelt came to an end. But the ball is deflected and tumbles next to the goal. corner for guests.

58. Min


Why isn’t he shooting there? Jacobsen has to put up with this question. The Elversberger midfield boss is completely alone 18 meters in front of the goal, but keeps dribbling. It doesn’t end up being dangerous because of that, although there was a lot more to it.

56. Min


Aaron Opoku comes on at 1. FC Kaiserslautern

56. Min


Substitution at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Kenny Redondo

56. Min


Ragnar Ache comes on at 1. FC Kaiserslautern

56. Min


Substitution at 1. FC Kaiserslautern: Terrence Boyd

55. Min


Sickinger really strong now. Lautern puts the pressure on but the defender blocks Boyd and Tachie’s shots.

54. Min


Ritter tries again from a distance and again it becomes dangerous. This time the midfielder takes a flat shot from 23 meters out, but Kristof is there on the bottom right from his point of view.

52. Min


This is by far Lautern’s best period of the game. Of course, the equalizer from Elversberg doesn’t fit in at all. But that in turn fits in with the fact that it was pretty much the other way around in the 1st half.

51. Min


The next big thing for Lautern and the hosts forgive again. Ritter pushes through really well on the right and plays across to Kraus, who was in front because there had been a corner earlier. The defender this time with less target water, his attempt also misses.

49. Min


Now the game is in full swing! Puchacz now crosses to Tachie on the other side, who climbs up to the 3rd floor and heads the ball – but he misses the goal.

48. Min


And Elversberg follows: Neubauer with a good shot from a distance, Krahl has to intervene again.

47. Min


Tooor for SV 07 Elversberg, 1:1 by Manuel Feil

Tachie misses the huge chance and Elversberg strikes ice cold. Stock crosses flat from the left to Feil, who tunnels Puchacz and Niehues with the left and pushes it into the far corner.

46. Min


After a few seconds, Lautern MUST make it 2-0. Kristof can only parry a shot from Ritter from 20 meters forward, but Tachie misses the goal with his follow-up shot. The right winger should have done that.

46. Min


Kick-off 2nd half

45. Min


Mid-term conclusion:
Elversberg is paying the lesson again – you could miss this headline in the first half. The climber, as in the first two games, with a really brave and good performance. The Steffen team shows very fine football, but the last pass is not yet in place. And then the lack of experience makes itself felt again and again, because although Lautern played weakly, the hosts are in the lead. The scene to the gate also remarkable. Kraus’ goal doesn’t count because it was offside, but because there had been a handball beforehand, the defender was then allowed to take a penalty. Elversberg was 1-0 down for the first time in the 2nd division and now the team has to react. Steffen will certainly not change the style, but his team has to find the decisive punch in the last third.

45. Min


End of 1st half

45. Min


Elversberg still with a good chance, but without completion. Feil with a strong pass to Faghir, Krahl storms out and the striker tries to put his heel on a teammate, but only finds a Lauterer.

45. Min


In this case, however, it is not dangerous, Ritter’s cross is repelled and Puchacz’s follow-up shot goes well over it.

45. Min


Now there is another corner for Lautern. The only goal of the game so far came from such a situation.

45. Min


Puchacz has good prospects in the penalty area, but the left-back dribbles again when trying to step over. Perhaps the simpler option would be the more promising next time.

45. Min


Official stoppage time (minutes): 5

44. Min


Rochelt tries to challenge Krahl properly this time. The left winger with a shot attempt from 25 meters, but the ball goes over it.

44. Min


On the other side, Elversberg earns a corner. Rochelt’s cross is no more than good training for FCK keeper Krahl.

42. Min


Strong FCK attack! Puchacz is released and his cross to Boyd is really good too. However, the center forward takes the ball with his chest instead of putting it directly on goal. Conrad splashes in between and takes the ball from him in the shooting movement – Boyd then only hits the opposing defender.

42. Min


The last minutes of the first half begin. Can Elversberg hit back before the break? The stoppage time should be lavish because of the penalty scene.

39. Min


Tachie makes the best impression in the offensive game at Lautern. Again, thanks to his speed, he has a good action, but his shot in the opponent’s penalty area is still blocked. The seven or eight climbers before the attempt were quite respectable.

37. Min


On the other side Redondo with a really strong duel, then comes freely to the flank. But Boyd stormed towards the goal instead of settling into the backcourt – and that’s exactly where Redondo plays.

36. Min


Redondo now with a very bad bad pass to his keeper. The ball comes straight to Faghir, but he can’t control it. Good luck for Kaiserslautern, especially for Redondo.

35. Min


The pass security of the guests is impressive. It’s not just the many short passes, but also several good diagonal balls that Elversberg uses to gain a lot of space. In the decisive moments, however, Lautern is simply more ripped off.

32. Min


Puchacz with a ricochet in midfield that invites Elversberg to counterattack. The Lautern defense is quickly formed again and can take the pace out.

29. Min


It goes on. Despite the goal, the game hasn’t changed. Elversberg is still strong and is clearly the better team in terms of play. Lautern has problems on the defensive, but has the necessary luck.

27. Min


The game is currently suspended, there is a drinking break for the teams.

26. Min


Lautern falls asleep with a throw-in and Feil gets the second good chance of the Elversbergers. But Krahl is there in the short corner and defends to the corner. It’s also dangerous after that, Sickinger gets the header all by himself, but doesn’t have good timing and heads over it from six yards out.

24. Min


Knight shoots, but makes it really weak. There is no danger when repositioning either, the ball is back at Elversberg.

23. Min


Lautern with the chance to make it 2-0! Ritter crosses from the right, but Redondo jumps past the ball. There was a lot more in there. Because the winger followed suit, Lauterer got a free kick at the corner of the penalty area.

21. Min


Tooor for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, 1:0 by Kevin Kraus

Crazy scenes on the Betzenberg, but Kraus keeps his nerve. The defender pushes the ball really cool into what he sees as the right bend.

20. Min


An Elversberger was on the ball with his hand at Boyd’s header. Because Kraus was then probably just offside, there is a penalty.

20. Min


And now suddenly there are penalties!

19. Min


The question is: does the goal count? Kraus could have been offside by a hair’s breadth.

17. Min


VAR decision: The goal by K. Kraus (1. FC Kaiserslautern) is disallowed, score: 0:0

17. Min


Very little is happening in front of the gates. Lautern now manages to stop opposing attacks early on and has more possession of the ball. Now there’s even the first corner of the game for the hosts.

14. Min


These are two completely different approaches of the teams. Elversberg plays a really fine ball and works his way through the ranks with short passes. Lautern almost only tries long shots at Boyd. This is how the “Red Devils” often play under Schuster.

10. Min


And there is the first good chance for the hosts! Long ball to Tachie, who immediately crosses and Boyd is ready in the middle, takes the ball volley, but Sickinger can still block.

9. Min


A reasonable offensive action by Lauterer, but Raschl does without the shot from 20 meters and tries to get through – the attempt fails.

8. Min


Krahl now made two strong saves against Faghir – but it was decided offside afterwards. It was very close, but probably the right decision.

7. Min


Lautern coach Schuster spoke in advance of a lot of self-confidence in his team – there is nothing to see so far.

4. Min


The first few minutes of the game are amazing. The ball is almost only in half of Lauterer. And now the Elversbergers also have their first degree. Feil takes a shot from 15 yards out, but doesn’t hit the ball cleanly with his left foot. No problem for Krahl.

2. Min


Elversberg with a courageous and offensive start. After a free kick, Neubauer comes into a good flank situation, but the cross goes far too long.

1. Min


The game has started and there is definitely a great atmosphere on the Betzenberg right from the start. Let’s see if Elversberg can come up against it.


With Sickinger, an ex-Lauterer is in the starting eleven at Elversberg, the defender has played 81 games for FCK in the 3rd division. Sebastian Saftig, who didn’t make it into the match day squad, played for the “Red Devils” in his youth, the injured Correia was born in Kaiserslautern and was at the club for a total of 17 years. There have been many duels between the two clubs, but the first two teams have never met. Elversberg has played against the second team from Lauterer more than 30 times in the past.


Elversberg knows Lautern is not a side likely to stay bottom of the table for too long. Accordingly, the climber goes into the game with respect. Horst Steffen: “Despite all the anticipation, we don’t want to let our opponents have their way. We want to present our football and we know that we have to be very careful.” This caution is also a result of different levels of experience. The Lautern starters have already played 699 games in the second division and scored 54 goals. The eleven Elversbergers have played a total of 26 games and scored two goals so far.


In contrast to Elversberg, Lautern made it into the next round of the cup, but the “Red Devils” are still pointless in the league. With St. Pauli (1:2) and Schalke (0:3), the starting program could hardly have been more difficult. Dirk Schuster before the game against Elversberg: “I’m brutally convinced that the team can handle the pressure. We can’t afford to be arrogant against a team that has grown. But we can also go into the game with a lot of self-confidence.”


And now the most important thing about the Elversberger line-up. Coach Horst Steffen made only one change there compared to the 2-1 draw against Rostock. Marcel Correia was recently injured in the cup defeat against Mainz (0:1) and is out. Kevin Conrad is defending for the veteran today. Otherwise, Steffen trusts his team, who have had a lot of bad luck this season. In the league in Hanover they gave a 2-0 lead (2-2), conceded the goal against Rostock in the 10th and 13th minute of added time and against Mainz a penalty goal decided the game. Is there the first win today as a second division team?


Let’s look at the lineups. Compared to the last game in the league, the hosts have made three changes – two of them forced, the other is pleasant for Lautern. Julian Krahl is in goal for the suspended Andreas Luthe, who, like Boris Tomiak, was sent off in the 3-0 defeat at Schalke. Because Tomiak is absent, coach Dirk Schuster has changed, Tymoteusz Puchacz moves to central defence, striker Richmond Tachie is new in the starting XI. And next to him is the returnee and great hope: Terrance Boyd is here for the first time this second division season after celebrating his comeback in the Koblenz Cup. And even then Boyd showed how important he is for his team: He scored two goals in the 5-0.


Hello and welcome to the second division game between 1. FC Kaiserslautern and SV Elversberg 07. One of the surprise teams of last season against one of the three promoted teams – both teams are waiting for their first win.

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