an arrest warrant has been requested

Friday afternoon, we report, on our websites, the deployment of police carried out a few hours earlier near a house located, chaussée de Hannut, in Grâce-Hollogne.

An individual entrenched in his home threatened to commit a massacre: to shoot the police, to blow up his house and to commit suicide.

Very quickly, the police and the men of a specialized squadron arrived on the scene. There they tried, without success, to make contact with the madman. The madman did not respond to the voice which, via a megaphone, tried to establish contact. And for good reason, Jonathan, 37, had… fallen asleep. The man, who wanted to put an end to his life, had swallowed many drugs. It is therefore asleep but very much alive that the police found the suspect.

Jonathan was deprived of his liberty. He was finally able to be heard. On Saturday morning, he was brought to the Liège courthouse where the magistrate on duty put the file under investigation with a request for an arrest warrant. Jonathan had already caused some trouble the week before his arrest.

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