The plays with which the rookie Wembanyama makes social networks explode | Basketball | Sports

Sunday, December 31, 2023. The Boston Celtics say goodbye to the year with a game against the San Antonio Spurs. Victor Wembanyama grabs a loose ball in the middle of the field and goes on the counterattack. He dribbles the ball just once and with that is enough to get into the basket and make … Read more

Bizarre Hotpot Explosions: Latest News and Updates

2023-11-25 10:20:47 The mutton hotpot suddenly had “hot soup everywhere”. (Photo/”Western Decision”) An “explosion” occurred at a hotpot restaurant in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, mainland China. The boss complained that two male customers deliberately threw lighters into the hot pot. When they left, they kept turning around and saying, “Look, see if it exploded.” After … Read more

Restaurant Explosion in Chongqing: A Cautionary Tale of Playing with Hydrogen Balloons

2023-10-28 09:04:17 A thrilling incident recently occurred in a restaurant in Chongqing, mainland China. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo) A thrilling incident recently occurred in a restaurant in Chongqing, mainland China. A woman was dining when a hydrogen balloon in her hand suddenly exploded and almost burned her. The incident was recorded on the restaurant’s surveillance video, … Read more

Intense Protests Against Eduardo Méndez (President) and Hubert Bodhert (Coach) in El Campín: Fan Fury and Desolation

2023-10-08 02:39:41 Strong protests against Eduardo Méndez (president) and Hubert Bodhert (coach) in El Campín. This Saturday, El Campín had another night of desolation and fury on the part of the Independiente Santa Fe fans. The 6,319 fans who attended could not stand another bad game for their team and the defeat against Águilas Doradas, … Read more

Ukrainian Army Shells Pro-Russian Separatist Leader Pushilin’s Office in Donestk – Latest Updates and Comprehensive Report

2023-09-19 08:59:00 The office of pro-Russian separatist leader Pushlin was shelled by the Ukrainian army. ( [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]As the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine continues, the Ukrainian armed forces will begin to attack Russian targets after launching a counterattack. Sources indicate that Ukraine shelled the administrative building in the Russian-occupied area of ​​Donetsk, … Read more

Explosion and Fire at High-Voltage Cabin in Jumet: Response by Fire Services and Ores

2023-08-26 17:47:32 This Saturday around 6 p.m., a high-voltage cabin began to emit smoke before exploding. The Jumet fire services, under the orders of Lieutenant Mayor, Warrant Officer Decoq and Sergeant Dethey, were called to the scene as well as the services of Ores. FVH FVH FVH FVH Read also A hundred complaints to Committee … Read more

Devastating House Explosion in Pennsylvania Leaves 5 Dead – Plum Community Razed to the Ground

2023-08-13 23:53:26 House explosion in Pennsylvania, USA. (Picture/return to Twitter, the same below) A house explosion occurred in western Pennsylvania recently, destroying several square houses nearby. At least 5 people were killed and 3 were injured. Authorities dispatched at least 18 fire departments to rescue. Neighbors said the neighborhood looked like a bombed war zone. … Read more

Explosion in Hengshui City: Natural Gas Pipeline Rupture Causes Shops to be Blown into Ruins

2023-07-29 23:00:10 [Voice of Hope July 29, 2023](Comprehensive report by our reporter Fu Ming) A few days ago, a natural gas pipeline in Hengshui City, Hebei Province was ruptured due to construction and a violent explosion occurred. Shops along the street caused a serious fire. The accident resulted in 2 deaths and 2 serious injuries. … Read more