Calls for spreading immorality among men and spreading immorality • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Professor at Al-Azhar University, Muhammad Al-Ashmawy, attacked the Lebanese artist, Ragheb Alama, after the latter’s statement that a man told him at a party that his wife loved him, and that if he did not accept her, she would ask for a divorce.

Al-Ashmawi said in a Facebook post: “What does he want to say? What message does he want to convey? What is the purpose of publishing this disgraceful and insulting statement that disparages religion, norms, and laws?”

And he continued, “Isn’t this a call to spread immorality among men, to spread immorality, and incitement to it, and a violation of morals, and an aggression against the values ​​of society?”

He added, “I hope the press will pay attention to its true mission of spreading awareness, and stay away from these disgusting things.”

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