Live in the Gasometer – Jan Böhmermann: Humor is when you still laugh

Points victory for Wanda
The surprise of the evening comes halfway through, when Marco Wanda and the orchestra provide a pleasant touch of seriousness with the progressive Wanda song “Va Bene” and the star of the evening announces “apart from Netflix and jacking off, I had nothing planned today”. without further ado also humorously steals the show. Of course, Böhmermann also knows how to stab. The Ibiza scandal, the police, Herbert Kickl, police horses, Andreas Gabalier – nothing and nobody is spared. With the ironically intoned, according to Böhmermann hard and long rehearsed “Immer wieder Österreich”, which he heaved into the program especially for the Vienna show, his favorite target FPÖ gets another smash at the end. Despite pointed, well-applied humor parts, the increasingly rowdy Böhmermann sinks into arbitrariness over the long haul. Humor is when you laugh anyway. Nevertheless, we are going relaxed again into the concert hibernation.

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