Markus Wallner: An Honest and Straightforward Governor from Vorarlberg

2023-09-07 22:11:05 Vorarlbergers are said to be particularly straightforward, they don’t beat around the bush a lot. Is it all just a prejudice? In fact, there are also people from Vorarlberg who don’t quite fit this cliché. But the governor does – he gets to the point faster and more clearly than most of his … Read more

Detecting Hidden Masks: The Innovative Device that Can Find Unused Masks in Minutes

2023-07-13 13:31:00 Even if, in view of the pandemic that has just passed, doubts remain as to whether humanity will act more cautiously in the next one, there is still hope in relation to individual aspects. It remains to be seen whether the toilet paper crisis will repeat itself. Meanwhile, at least some Europeans will … Read more

Live in the Gasometer – Jan Böhmermann: Humor is when you still laugh

Points victory for WandaThe surprise of the evening comes halfway through, when Marco Wanda and the orchestra provide a pleasant touch of seriousness with the progressive Wanda song “Va Bene” and the star of the evening announces “apart from Netflix and jacking off, I had nothing planned today”. without further ado also humorously steals the … Read more

Live in the Stadthalle – The Kelly Family: The last rest of the Schützenfest

Just keep goingSongs like “Nanana” or the tearful ballad “Angel” rightly enjoy cult status, the choreographies and visuals on the stage screen are great and the four-piece band is more than just a decorative accessory. In between, Patricia humorously tells how she worked as a three-day intern in Schönbrunn in the summer and how a … Read more

Rise and Mistakes – New Book: Now Sebastian Kurz unpacks

No “biography”, no “memoirs”He doesn’t want it to be seen as a biography or even a memoir. He talks about his rapid rise, the Ibiza affair, being voted out of parliament and his comeback, the chats and investigations by the corruption prosecutor’s office and his final retirement from politics. But also from encounters with Angela … Read more

Karl Nehammer better chancellor than Sebastian Kurz – politics

A current ATV question of the week shows: the Austrians are satisfied with Chancellor Nehammer – and rate him better than former Chancellor Kurz. TV presenter Meinrad Knapp, political advisor Thomas Hofer and pollster Peter Hajek review the political events of the week on Sunday. Among other things, the results of Peter Hajek’s current opinion … Read more