Civil Defense saves a family of 6 from a fire accident in a residential apartment in Babel

Baghdad – conscious
The Civil Defense Directorate announced that a family of 6, including children, had been rescued from a fire accident in a residential apartment in Babel.

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The Directorate stated, in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the civil defense teams succeeded in rescuing a family, including suffocating children and women, who were trapped by fire inside an apartment in a residential complex near Babel University in Babel Governorate this evening, Wednesday.”
She added, “The civil defense teams rushed and pushed their specialized wheels, including the ladder wheel, to be able to save the family through the windows, while providing them with first aid and pulmonary resuscitation, in conjunction with the direct storming of the burning apartment, to be able to extinguish the accident without recording human losses.”

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