“Covid 19” is easy to mutate. Covid vaccine must be developed all the time.

M.Yong Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, Head of the Center specializes in clinical virology. Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University said that the virus “Covid 19” It is an RNA virus, so it is easier to mutate or change genetically than viruses in the DNA group. and when vaccines are used to naturally pressure the virus The principle of evolution also causes a genetic mutation to avoid the immune system from occurring. especially the immunity in the part that prevents infection immunity The virus elimination or recovery still exists. thus reducing the severity of the disease

vaccine that have been used since The original Wuhan breed The virus has come a long way. Therefore, the effectiveness in preventing infection is reduced. But eliminating the infection or reducing the severity still exists.

to prevent infection the desired immunity If the virus strain will protect well even with low

believer and have been vaccinated or infected and vaccinated will have a relatively high immunity called hybrid immunity. And if it is the immunity that is infected with the latest strain in the outbreak now. Those who are already infected are like getting an excellent syringe vaccine that matches the infected strain. If infected with the latest strain, it will protect well against the latest strain. People who have been infected with the Wuhan strain or two years ago are still likely to be reinfected.

The strains contained in the vaccine therefore important Developing a Vaccine for Variation of Species to match the species that are spreading and use it quickly is necessary

For that reason, in the future covid vaccine will be similar influenza Must be modified to match the species that are spreading. and will be injected in the risk group and give the same annual flu vaccine

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