Do not ignore it .. “constipation” may indicate infection with these serious diseases! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Constipation is a symptom that indicates serious diseases, and many people ignore it and resort to laxatives to get rid of it.

Among the symptoms associated with constipation:

1- Feeling tired.

2-Hair loss.

3-abdominal cramps.

4-Lack of weight.

5-vision problems.

Among the diseases revealed by constipation:

1- Diabetes: Diabetes is also a hormonal problem, as an imbalance occurs in the production of the hormone insulin, and thus affects blood sugar, knowing that this can lead to damage to the nerves that control the digestive system, and therefore you may suffer from constipation, In addition to that, there are some other symptoms, such as frequent thirst, excessive urge to urinate, especially at night, feeling unwell, weight loss, and blurred vision, according to the healthline website.

2- Hypothyroidism: People usually get it when there is a disruption in the work of metabolism, and several symptoms associated with constipation appear, including fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold, dry skin, weight gain, irregular menstruation, brittle nails, poor memory, Facial swelling, and it can result from hypothyroidism due to immune diseases, exposure to radiotherapy, congenital diseases, pregnancy, cancer, thyroid surgery.

3- Irritable Bowel Syndrome: The intestines are exposed to a health problem that may result in constipation, most notably Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and its symptoms appear as follows: abdominal pain, flatulence, feeling anxious, which makes it chronic for some people.

4- Depression: Some people usually suffer from side effects resulting from depression, including lack of physical activity and an imbalance in the diet, as they tend to eat foods rich in sugars and fats, or suffer from a lack of appetite in general, and this increases the risk of exposure to the person. For physical harm, the first thing that is affected is the stomach, and symptoms appear, which are constipation.

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