Doctor Thira keeps an eye on Songkran Festival If no protection the situation will be bad resulting in dominoes

in addition Songkran long breakforthcoming will determineseverity and protractednessof this outbreak If self defense is not good enough The situation can get worse. and will result in dominoes Because the next phase is to open classes in May.

…Long COVID research update

1. Long COVID problem with psychiatric disorders

Research teams from Japan and Sweden Study in a sample of 763 people from March to June 2021.

found that those who hadinfected with COVID-19 Previously and experiencing Long COVID (Post COVID conditions) had a 2.44 higher risk of developing psychiatric disorders such as stress, depression, etc. than both those who had been infected but did not have Long COVID and those who were never infected. -3.48 times

2. Economic losses from the long COVID problem in America

A study from the Long COVID Initiative shows that the United States currently has at least 22,000,000 people suffering from Long COVID, with 7,000,000 affecting their ability to live (Disabling Long COVID).

Economic losses are estimated at an individual level. from the loss of income from work loss of savings and the cost of self-treatment It was found to be worth more than 386 billion dollars.

The above information makes us realize the importance of protecting ourselves and our family. Because the infection does not end with just getting sick in the beginning. But it has the potential to cause long-term problems.

This Songkran… stay at home. Stop germs for you and your family.

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