“Doctor Thira” updates information about COVID-19, revealing that Thailand has been in the top 10 of the world for 42 days.

…Effects arising from severe outbreaks in Thailand in the past

If you look at the statistics from January 2022 to the present, you will find that many provinces havenumber of infectionsper 100,000 inhabitants is very high and is a result of past policies such as Phuket, which is a sandbox area. has a cumulative rate of sickness as high as 10,539 people per 100,000 population

while Samut Sakhon Which has been a serious epidemic in factories and communities since the second wave, with a rate of 9,721 people per 100,000 population

Both provinces had cumulative morbidity rates at the beginning of 2022, three times the national average (3,033 per 100,000 inhabitants).

If including people who had been infected before 2022, it was found that the infection was very high.

Covid doesn’t end with being healed and dead, but the problem. Long COVID will be a long-term effect

people who have been infected before In addition to protecting yourself well because there is a chance of re-infection. They should also assess their health regularly. Notice any abnormalities that are different from the past. and consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment

The country’s health care system should be invested to cope with the long surge in COVID cases from the middle of last year to the present.

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