Experience the Thrilling Suspension Bridge at Saint Park in Aryaf Resort, Al Shafa, Taif

2023-07-19 12:40:14

A video clip showed the opening of the suspension bridge in Saint Park in the Aryaf resort in Al Shafa, Taif.

A number of visitors documented the experience of walking on the suspension bridge, which is equipped with safety and security elements for visitors, including fastening seat belts, in addition to the presence of ropes along the bridge.

During the passage, many visitors went through the experience of passing from the top of the suspension bridge, who enjoyed seeing the place from above the bridge overlooking wide yards, including the swimming pool, in the middle of which is a seating area for families.

Regarding ticket prices, the entry fee for families is 20 riyals, while the suspended bridge ticket price is 25 riyals per person, as shown in the circulating clips.

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