“From now on, I will pick up my card at an agency”

This is the situation that no one would want to experience. A 30-year-old man from Brussels was the victim of credit card fraud. He had ordered a Mastercard Gold card for the first time from BNP Paribas Fortis. Small problem: he does not receive this card, nor the second that he ordered then, report our colleagues from RTL Info.

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Worried, he learned from the bank “that it had been used, almost up to its limit”, that is nearly €5,000 spent! BNP Paribas Fortis cannot do anything in this kind of situation. He therefore lodged a complaint with the police and made a complaint on macarte.be, the Wordline site. The rest is only an emotional lift for him: first, he is told that the €5,000 will be returned to his account and finally… no, he is refused to return the money. “At the moment, the pill is very difficult to swallow,” he says. It is a case in which he no longer finds himself.

After several letters received, sent, and phone calls made every day with Wordline, this Brussels resident is desperate and annoyed: “So, I call Worldline every day and every time, or almost, I have a different version. Some say: it’s too late, you will be charged, others say that you have to file a new complaint, ”he told RTL Info.

“On January 24, I received a letter dated January 19, with the document to sign and return, but it does not concern all the expenses”, he confides: 1,500 € will be deducted from him. Since then, all the money has been returned to him, but at what cost… “When there is a problem, you find yourself helpless. It’s the snake biting its own tail and I’m afraid they’ll reconsider their decision. He now swears to go “get his cards at the agency”.

RTL Info specifies that, in this type of situation, you must block your card and fill out a complaint form on macarte.be.

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