“Digital Portfolio: Simplifying Belgian Citizens’ Lives with a Universal and Secure Tool”

2023-05-06 04:30:00 Mathieu Michel, you are working on a digital portfolio, the first version of which will soon be ready. What will this bring to the citizen? It’s like a Swiss army knife that will simplify the lives of citizens. The digital experience we have in the private sector is very accessible, very simple. We … Read more

“I have nothing left… Maybe they saw my card when I was paying at Aldi” (photo)

Every day, François Vissers, 89, works as a courier to supplement his small pension and be able to make ends meet. But a heinous act caused him to lose all his savings. It was a fake bank employee who scammed the Belgian on Friday. “My hard-earned money. It all started suddenly,” sadly testifies François. “When … Read more

“From now on, I will pick up my card at an agency”

This is the situation that no one would want to experience. A 30-year-old man from Brussels was the victim of credit card fraud. He had ordered a Mastercard Gold card for the first time from BNP Paribas Fortis. Small problem: he does not receive this card, nor the second that he ordered then, report our … Read more

“He would withdraw another €600 two hours before returning my card”

For years, Carine Van Bastelaere and her husband have called on various people to help them with their daily tasks. Indeed, if the couple from Roeselare got organized despite Carine’s blindness, her husband Herman then fell seriously ill. The couple then decided to call on a reduced mobility center and meet a man who takes … Read more

she found a job… in a retirement home!

The defendant only opposed the criminal case, not the civil case. She therefore recognizes the theft and the debt she now owes to the victim. The opposition therefore aims only to avoid the prison sentence. The defense also pleaded a simple suspension of the pronouncement or a work sentence, two sanctions which do not appear … Read more

“I live in poverty, there is not always money on my bank card”

It’s a surprisingly common experience that Christine Jacobs has had. On Wednesday afternoon, the 64-year-old lady was refused cash payment in a Foodmaker in Ghent, reports the Nieuwsblad. She wanted to buy a sandwich and a coffee. “It’s painful because there isn’t always money on my bank card. I live in poverty, and budgeting for … Read more