“Health” announces the actual number of cases of jaundice… and this is what I requested

The media office of the Ministry of Public Health issued the following statement:

After the media circulated information about the number of cases infected with jaundice (hepatitis A), the Ministry of Public Health announces that the actual number of these infections recorded since the beginning of the spread of hepatitis until today is one hundred and seventy-four (174) cases; Since its appearance, it has announced this with absolute transparency, and it is still taking samples and conducting the necessary investigations to clarify the cause of the spread of the infection, which has not yet been finally resolved.

The Ministry of Public Health calls on all citizens and stakeholders to obtain information from it exclusively, and announces that it will issue a daily bulletin on the issue of jaundice, as is the case with the Corona epidemic, in order to benefit from the real data and numbers of the existing cases.

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