Helping My Father with Type 2 Diabetes: A Personal Journey to Proper Nutrition and Well-Being

2023-09-08 07:23:33

I’ve been living with my family for five years now, but I can’t leave my father unattended. He has already brought his body to a critical state. I’m afraid that a little more and no one will be able to help him.

My dad was diagnosed with problems with the endocrine system 10 years ago. It started with the fact that he began to drink a lot of water, although he had previously been indifferent to it. He preferred tea or coffee.

At night he ran to the toilet every hour, but my mother and I attributed this to a sudden thirst. When dad developed a small rash on his legs, I sounded the alarm and took my father to the clinic.

After taking the tests, my father was urgently sent to see an endocrinologist. Back then I didn’t know how serious my dad’s diagnosis was. The specialist diagnosed type 2 diabetes.

Dad doesn’t know much about diseases. He had heard about this disease, but did not fully understand the seriousness of the diagnosis. And I understood everything: my best friend’s mother died due to complications of diabetes.

She practically did not monitor her blood sugar levels and did not monitor her diet. I want to protect my father from possible negative consequences.

He divorced his mother a year after the diagnosis. She had a relationship with another man for a long time. It seems to me that mother’s betrayal provoked father’s illness.

I read that diabetes occurs not so much due to poor nutrition and excessive consumption of sweets, but due to severe stress. Just the day before, dad was very worried because he found his mother with someone else.

At the beginning of the illness, the father did not adhere to the doctor’s advice, continuing to live a healthy life. He ordered home delivery, gorged himself on rolls and pizza, washing it down with plenty of cola or juice.

Several times I had to call an ambulance for him, because my father could not control himself. His vision began to actively deteriorate. When the doctors at the hospital threatened to amputate my legs, my dad thought about it.

The doctors’ words forced him to reconsider his attitude towards food and make a choice in favor of proper nutrition. I was nearby all the time and controlled my father.

Then I got married and gave birth to a daughter. Despite my current personal life, I don’t forget about dad, I call him several times a day and try to come visit as often as possible.

To make it easier for my loved one to cope with the new life, I myself switched to proper nutrition and transferred the whole family. I prepare PP dishes and bring them to my dad: he loved carrot cutlets and my signature chicken sausage in the oven.

Over the course of ten years, my father changed dramatically for the better. Nevertheless, I still see in him a small child who is trying to snatch a piece of candy or a cookie while his “parents” are not looking. And all this soon affects the blood sugar level and, accordingly, the father’s well-being.

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