Her heart stopped for 22 minutes. Details of the Egyptian heroine, “Joumana Yasser”, suffering a health crisis and how she returned to life – video

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Jumana Yasser, the Egyptian champion in triathlon, suffered a health crisis last September 24, and because of this, her heart stopped for 22 minutes.

details injury

Jumana said, during her interview with the media with the “Ma’akum” program, on the CBC channel, that while performing the swimming exercises, she lost consciousness and did not feel anything until after waking up in the hospital, and she continued: I do not remember anything since I lost consciousness on the day of the incident.

Muhammad Al-Gohary, Jumana Yasser’s trainer, explained that Jumana was exercising on the 24th of last September, and suddenly she had a convulsion and began to lower her head into the water, continuing: I pulled Jumana out of the water quickly and we conducted a quick examination on her, believing at the time that she had swallowed her tongue, and I transported her to the hospital in the presence of her mother.

Stop the heart 22 minute

And he continued: Jumana remained for 22 minutes without a pulse or breathing, and her heart stopped working, indicating that there were 9 doctors and 7 nurses who intervened to save the player, and began to do electrical resuscitation and inject the heart with adrenaline, and the doctors’ attempts to revive her continued until the heartbeat returned.

return for life

Dr. Muhammad Afifi, an intensive care consultant at the hospital, confirmed that our Lord honored us during a period of resuscitation of Joumana’s heart, which lasted for 22 minutes, and she came back to life, her condition stabilized, and she was transferred to intensive care.

He added: We used unconventional treatments with Jumana Yasser during her stay in intensive care, such as ozone, to improve the restoration of brain function without ICSI.

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