Lebanese Charbel Hayek crowned “Top Chef of the Arab World”

After a competitive journey that lasted several weeks, the journey came to an end, and Charbel Hayek from Lebanon was crowned with the title of Top Chef in the Arab World, in an enthusiastic episode that witnessed difficult and delicate challenges between four participants, who made all the steps and reached the final episode of the programTOP CHEFIn its fifth season on MBC1 And”MBC Iraq”.

Hayek competed for the title in the last round of the finals with Nassim Rasromani from Bahrain, who in turn presented distinguished dishes during the episode, but Charbel Hayek with his mastery of his work and exceptional dishes deserved the title, to be the fifth winner after four participants who preceded him in the past seasons are Issam Jafari, Mustafa Seif, Ali Al-Ghazawi and Sama Gad.

In addition to the “Top Chef of the Arab World” title, Charbel received a number of financial and in-kind prizes, winning 375,000 Saudi riyals, in addition to 100,000 Saudi riyals provided by development chicken, and a car. Nissan Pathfinder 2022, full coverage of the magazine Hospitality newsTravel and residence in Britain, and the Science and Knowledge Award for the Food Safety Diploma program from the Royal Commission for Environmental Health in London, presented by Boecker. BoeckerIn addition to a stay in Berlin to learn about one of the company’s innovations Miele German, which is famous for developing and manufacturing kitchen appliances, and a local or regional participation in the Hospitality Exhibition 2022 HORECA.

If the judges unanimously agreed that the quarter-final challenge was the strongest among all seasons, the final was no less fierce, as four participants, Charbel Hayek, Nassim Rasromani, Patrick Mereb, and Tariq Taha, competed.

The participants passed three rounds in the last fight, and met in the kitchen to relive their memories over a period of nearly three months, before its doors closed until the start of the next season, and then moved to the place that witnessed the last challenges.

The three judges considered that the participants demonstrated a high level, which is the strongest, which put them at a loss when predicting the winner.. A series of reports reviewed the participants’ development journey throughout the episodes.

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