Notice of complete transfer of GK1 Eisuke Arai to Oita Trinita | Blaublitz Akita

Thank you for always supporting Blaublitz Akita.
We would like to inform you that Eito Arai, who belongs to our club, has decided to make a permanent transfer to Oita Trinita.

Player name

Yoshiaki Arai



Date of birth

1995September 27

place of birth



Sakado Kangaroo SC – Sakado Diplomats FC – Seibudai High School – Distribution Economics University – Shimizu S-Pulse – Zweigen Kanazawa – Shimizu S-Pulse – Blaublitz Akita

JAll-time league record

  • J2 League 15 games 0 goals

2022Season record

  • J2 League: 0 goals in 10 games

Comment from Eito Arai

I have decided to transfer to Oita Trinita.
Decided to transfer to Blaublitz Akita in the year,2Every day, I feel more self-aware as a professional soccer player because I was able to spend the entire season without having to withdraw due to injury. Without a doubt, this is thanks to the players, coaches, staff, and everyone involved in Blaublitz Akita. I am sincerely grateful.

We have resumed vocal support, and I feel that the heat in the stadium is increasing day by day, and I want to deliver victory to the best supporters. And I wanted to fight with everyone in Akita again next season, but I decided to give priority to my honest feeling that I want to challenge the chance that I thought about my style, age, and various things.
I’m really worried about it, but I’m going to be a dope guardian as a player of Oita Trinita.

Thank you to all the fans and supporters who have always supported us.
The location will change, but I would appreciate it if you could support Eito Arai from behind the scenes.
thank you for helping me! I’m really thankful to you.

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